Monday, February 4, 2013

Over when it's over

I'm here today with mixed emotions.  
Mixed because I finally feel a sense of relief that I've been searching for the past month. I also feel like a disappointment to my family and myself.  

Today I quit my job. 

I don't want to go deep into it because one, I don't want to relive another second of this job, and second because I'm not going to ramble on about the list of things that piled on top of each other leading to the inevitable.

I knew it was time to cut ties when this job was effecting my day to day life.  I knew with this position, time with John and I would be cut down.  
Thats fine...absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?
Well when the few hours a night I was able to spend with him were spent being in a horrible mood from the work day, the heart was growing the opposite of fond.

It all came to a head today when certain things happened that led to me feeling more unappreciated than I have ever felt in the past.
Or probably in my whole life.

So I called my mom, dad, and John and told them what I felt.
John told me to stick it out, tell the board members, and see what happened.
Momma told me to do what I felt was best.
and Greg (my dad) told me to say some words I cant repeat here, flip 'em the bird, and head on home.

So I went with the more PG version of what he suggested, packed my things, said goodbye to the ones I needed to, and peaced out.

I guess what I'm saying with all of this is sometimes its okay to give up on something.
No one understands what's going on in your own heart better than you.
A job is just that, a job.
It's not your life... and when it starts effecting your life in a negative way, it's time to let it go.

and also I want to pursue my lifes true passion of being a super bowl sign language guy.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Dear everyone everywhere,

Dear Eli Young Band... 
Thank you for having a concert for me and John last night.  I didn't realize you were also inviting 500 other people...but whatevs. You were awesome as always, don't ever change.
ps. I owe tall John for this picture... how perfect with the hearts and everything? And on my iPhone? 

Dear Tierra's Eyebrow...
You are the sassiest brow on the block.  The way you hang out up there... you're almost acquaintances with your upstairs neighbor the Hairline.  You're so popular that you have your own twitter page.  Keep doing you, sassy! We wouldn't know the emotions of Tierrable the great without you.  

Dear Super Bowl 47...
  I don't really care about you this year.  Ravens... 49ers... eh whatever. Can we all focus on the more important Puppy Bowl over here?

speaking of super bowl,
Dear Beyonce...
I don't understand why people like you. 
I haven't liked you since you started asking me if I could pay your bills back in '99.  
Get over yourself Bey. 
You ain't all that sister, and your baby's name is a color and a poisonous plant.
I mean...

Dear Bangs...
You sure are having a moment aren't you? Between Mobama, and Swifty, you've decided to make 2013 your year.  I like to say I'm the only child who made it out of the 90's without bangs... shout out to momma bear for that one.  'preciate it moms.

Dear Weekend...