Thursday, March 31, 2011

ain't no sunshine since i left my momma

Tomorrow is FRIIIIIDAYYYY!!! 
Sorry, I'm living for tomorrow a little excited.

First off I want to give a big THANK YOU to my followers!! 
I'm surprised that even one person would like to read my rambles, but 10?! 
Ya'll got me blushin'!
Love you and thanks for making me feel the love!

Now back to this weekend... 
Seriously, ready for  break.  This has been a tough week with school and teaching, and it's been even harder without John here to tell me to get over it make me feel better. 
 Thankfully, I'm going to see him and my beautiful puppy child tomorrow!! 

{May the angels rejoice!!}
I have no idea what we're doing this weekend; we could sit on the couch and veg out for all I care.  I'm so on the verge of tears excited ready to get out of Fayetteville for a while. 

Which leads me to the title of this post... 
Yes, I realize it sounds like the start of a terrible country song, but seriously, there hasn't been sunshine in Fayetteville since I came back from spring break.  
It's gross and rainy and depressing and totally contributing to my less than stellar mood.
Come on spring, get the memo-- YOU HAVE SPRUNG.  Overnight yourself to Fayetteville.  

So that's enough of my ranting and raving.  I probably won't post again until Monday because I'll be ocupado with Johnny Angel :) 
I hope ya'll have a great weekend! 

ps.  This dance is what the youngins' are doing.  
They tried to tell me about it yesterday like i didn't already know and begged me to do it for them.  They were dying that I knew how to "move it like bernie" and that I actually did it good... haha.  Have ya'll ever seen "Weekend at Bernie's"?  I mean all you do is flail your arms around like a lifeless body Bernie... seriously.  But now apparently I'm the "coolest" and "make this class worth while".
I'll take what I can get. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday...

Today is Wednesday and I need some motivation to get through the rest of this week.  So today I'm linking up with Jamie to focus on What I'm Loving Wednesday.

What I'm Loving: TV Show Edition...
So I came home from spring break with an enormous amount of recorded TV to catch up on.  This stresses me out, and since I haven't been getting home until after 5:30 this week, I am continuously falling behind on my guilty pleasures shows.

1. Modern Family
If you aren't watching this show, I have one question for you: What is your problem?
Funniest show on TV in a LONG time...  All of the characters have something about them that make me laugh.  This is one of the few shows that I like to save and watch over and over again.  My favorite character is probably Phil because he reminds me of John so much, if you can imagine :)
Phil: I love Westerns, the bloodier the better, that's my favorite type of movie - that and anything set against the backdrop of competitive cheerleading.

Phil: We were, as they say, having sex.
Claire: That's not a euphemism. That's actually what we were doing

Cam: You cheated on me with choreography and that is the worst kind.
*I had to edit and add in a couple clips... I HAD to!*

2. Tosh.O
Hilarious ya'll.
This show is gold if you're like me and love ridiculous youtube videos.  My favorite section of this show are his 'web redemptions' where he allows people who have been horribly embarrassed by youtube to come on his show and 'redeem' themselves. If you aren't watching this or don't think this show is remotely funny, then sadly we have nothing in common.  But we can still be friends.

3. The Real World
It's season 25... it's probably time to move on, MTV.  
However, because of people like me, you continue to suck me in.  
I am completely okay with this  don't need this trash to clog my mind.  
I love reality tv.

I can pretty much sum up the people on this season as the following : white trash, angry black man, girl with an accent, probably closeted gay, single white female, loves her boyfriend of 7 years but needs "to see what else is out there" chick, and then there's that one normal white guy.  I probably wouldn't be watching this season yeah right except for the fact that I'm going to Vegas this summer with friends!! 
*There is a light at the end of the tunnel* 
So, I've been watching just to see what I'll be looking at in a couple of months! 
I don't necessarily suggest you kill brain cells by watching this show, but if you have nothing better to do and it's on, at least it will give you a self esteem boost.

These are my tv guilty pleasures that I'm loving right now.  What tv shows do you love and suggest I check out?  


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i'm getting stupid loose

Random Fact #1:
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a nail biter.
It's gross, I know, but it's a habit.
I think I bite them because I'm nervous, bored, or they aren't painted.  And they aren't painted because Momma always painted them I never have time to go to the nail salon.
I'm happy to announce; however, that because I have FINALLY found that perfect shade of pink for my nails, they have finally had a chance to grow out and I have finally learned how to paint them!
Nubby fingers no more! 
Rejoice with me, ya'll!
For all of you who die for new nail polish colors, my new staple has become 'Fiji' by Essie. 
It's incredible. 
If you were like me and were  embarrassed to be  obsessed with this season of The Bachelor, then you have seen Emily wearing this polish before.  
How classy and perfect is she? 

So tonight I painted my nails with this perfect color! 
I have a serious question to ask:  Why do I always have to go to the bathroom immediately after I paint my nails?! Is there some weird trigger connection between my painted nails and my bladder? Does this happen to other people?
Why am I so weird? ... don't answer that :)

Random Fact #2:
Have ya'll seen this commercial?
*Watch the video to understand the title of this post*
This is the funniest commercial that I have EVER seen... seriously. 
I was so taken aback by how ridiculous it is that, I just died laughing and could not stop.  I love it and it  will never get old to me.
Today in one of my classes, three boys reenacted this and made me laugh even harder.  
These are so much better than those lame-o eharmony or commercials.  Those are boring, and who wants to be video taped on their first date? Um, awkward.

Sorry for being so random today! I've got so much scholarly language-y things that I've been writing so this is a good place to write for fun... the way God intended it.

In honor of Britney's CD coming out today *I will always love Britney* I'm going to dedicate a video to her.  This is one of my favorites and is great motivation for my Shredded workout!
Love you all!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

all good things must come to an end's Monday.

Back to life, Back to reality.

Spring break was so awesome and relaxing.
Fayetteville is so NOT awesome and stresses me out to the max.  
I miss my Momma. 
Today, I learned that I have about 2 weeks to collect research, analyze said research, write 2 more chapters about the research then argue the research in an hour long presentation for my professors.
Oh and I also have to create a portfolio that encompasses all of the things that says why I am a good teacher and deserve to have a Masters in Teaching.  
Take me now, Lord.
Just when I felt like I was drowning, the MAT came floating on a raft on top of me.  

This does not bode well for my 'shredded' diet which I'm doing pretty well on btw.  So proud, so proud.  I actually woke up early this morning to get my workout in... so unlike me! Hooray  

Thank goodness I gave up negativity for lent or I would be seriously close to the edge right about now! 

I love countdowns and I've been counting down the days for graduation since day one so I have created a countdown for a few of the fun things coming up in the next few months:
Easter: 25 days
Music Fest: 31 days
Graduation: 47 days
Vegas: 84 days

So many things to do before I get my life back the fun begins!! 
Love ya'll, have a fantastic week!

This song has pretty much been on repeat since John moved away.  Miss him!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Just workin on my fitness...

Here we go ya'll...

This morning I started the 30 day shred, and let me tell ya... I am feeling it right now.  Not only did I almost fall down the stairs because of my jello legs, my arms hurt when trying to open a jar of pickles.  Yay!! It hurts so good!
So for 30 days I'm gonna eat sensible and do this video in addition to my regular routine.  If I'm not looking and feeling better by graduation, then all hope is lost and I'm going to say 'screw it' and eat everything in sight... well we're just not going to think like that right now!

The only thing that I could critique in this video was the fact that Jillian *who is infamous for being the toughest trainer on TV for the Biggest Loser* did not yell at me once to keep going.  I wanted her to belittle me with her threats words of encouragement.  You're getting soft Jillian.  She did say at one point that 'I have 400lb people doing this, you can too.' That put things into perspective I guess.

I took a 'before' photo and because there is no need to deter readers from this blog or frighten small children, I will not post that before photo.  But let it be known that there is one.  Maybe in 30 days I'll be so confident in how I look that I'll post both the before and the after.  Ha yeah right. 

So for now I'm obsessing blanketing my refrigerator with pictures of these gorgeous girls that I hate aspire to look like.
Dear Marisa Miller, You are unrealistically pretty. Thanks for that. 
Gretchen, you're my fave.  But I don't get the whole Slade thing, does anyone?  

Okay I know this one is a little unobtainable without major plastic surgery in the donk department, but still... inspiration! 

I'll update on my progress periodically the next 30 days. 
Prayers are always accepted.  
Love ya'll!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm linking up with Julia and Jamie to bring you what I'm thankful for at this moment in time.  
*Warning: Some of these things are vapid and possibly irrelevant to the productivity of life.  I apologize*

1. I'm thankful for Family Guy.  Seriously.  I'm watching it right now.  Actually, because I'm secretly a 65 year old and go to bed at 10, I watch Family Guy every night.  It has become so routine that if I ever try to take a nap during the day, I hulu some episodes and I'm fast asleep.  Yes this is my humor. 
Family Guy is my lulaby 

2. I'm thankful for Nike Shorts.  Now that it is warmer and I can't fit into any of my summer clothes from last year I am living in these shorts.  I probably have 10 pair and I am always wanting the new colors.  And I also hear they're good for working out in, but I wouldn't really know about that lately.

3. I'm thankful for Spring Break.  I am not thankful that it is flying by so fast, but that is another post for a different time.  I have loved not doing a thing at all, all day erry day. Heaven, I'm in heaven...

4. I'm thankful that Graduation is only 50 days away!! It's been a long time comin ya'll!! I can not believe that in 50 days I will be the proud owner of a shiny new Masters degree... and boom goes the dynamite. 

5. Finally, I'm thankful for the iPhone 4 and FaceTime!  I'm thankful for my puppies and my gentleman lover.... I'm missin my boys so so much!  Thank you Steve Jobs for letting me see my little family!

I'm also thankful for this song.  Amen. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I ate Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Jennifer to let you know what I ate today.  If you know me then you know that this big girl looooves food.
However, being at home where I live far far away from anywhere food wise, I've been scrounging the last couple of days.
Seriously, it's bad.
  Good news... Momma and I are venturing to the grocery store tomorrow after I get my hur did {Beyond excited about this}.
I got some good recipes out of the new Williams Sonoma catalog and I am so excited to let momma cook me something fix it!
My mouth is watering as I type.

But this post isn't about what I'm going to eat, it's about what I ate.  And embarrassingly, big girl hasn't been eating good, folks.
The past three days I have lived on cinnamon LIFE cereal
Breakfast and dinner
{this cereal does not make me want to hug ANYONE}
and for lunch...
A delish home-made Cobb salad: made possible by SlapChop, the worlds greatest invention if you ask me... right up there with the shake weight. 

Today Momma and I went shopping! 
*Yes, I'm 23. Yes, my momma takes me shopping.  And no, I will never be ashamed of this fact.*  
We took a break in between me being spoiled rotten stores and grabbed a bite to eat.  I suggested sushi, and while momma is not the most adventurous in the food department, she had recently tried sushi on a vacation in Hawaii so she thought she'd give it another go.
I ordered the "Dancing Spicy Tuna Roll" which was YUMMMYYY! 
Gotta get that tempura in there!

Momma, being boring ordered a simple avocado roll. 

Our rolls came out and everything looked great.  I was pouring some of the soy sauce into a little dish when momma started coughing and turning red.  
Come to find out...
Thinking some of the avocado had fallen out of her roll, my poor poor naive mother momma had taken almost all of the Wasabi on her plate and eaten it in one bite.  

I could not imagine... I can't even handle the tiniest bite of wasabi... G-R-O-S-S.  
Poor Momma,
Now she never wants sushi again. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

Well, I tried for a good hour to upload pictures of my home so you could see where I'm well on my way to dying of boredom spending my spring break! However, like I told you before, I live in the middle of noweresville so the internet isn't cooperating.  
I guess I'll just have to wait until I get back to Fayetteville!
Today was one of the more lazier of days in my life.  
It got off to a good start... the driveway from the gate to my house is about a mile there and back, so momma and I have been walking it once in the morning and once at night.  It's a nice time to talk, and since I've become a 48 year old it is the highlight of my day.
Wow, that puts things into perspective doesn't it.
Here's a summary of my day:
This morning we walked at about 7:30, then I watched tv, had a bowl of cereal around 11, made a great cobb salad around 1, napped around 3, then walked again around 6, watched more tv, and am now laying in the bed.  
I'm so wild. 
I'm not complaining tho! 
I wanted this week to just relax and do nothing so this is good.  I keep thinking about how I'll have to go back up to Fayetteville on Sunday and it gives me a butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling.  Gross.  I don't wanna!
"Less than 2 months until graduation" is on repeat in my head.
So much to do and so little time.... should make for good stressful blogging rants in the future.  
Stay tuned...
Tomorrow momma and I are venturing out to do a little shopping, then I'm getting my hur did on Thursday! The week is taking a sharp turn into productivity and enjoyment. 

Chris Browns' new CD came out today, and while I hate his new hair and I think he is on the brink of a "charlie sheen-esque" melt down, I still love him.  So I'll dedicate the song of the day to him.  This song made me fall in love with him in a way I didn't know existed... this song is H-O-T-T

Love you all! Hope you're having a great week! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

People Are Interesting...

I can honestly say that if I never had to step foot inside a hospital again as long as I lived I'd be okay.  Growing up it felt like I spent the majority of my time in a hospital.  Between my Father and my Granny I couldn't tell you how many days were spent bored and waiting at St. Joseph's in Hot Springs.  
Well, today I'm here in this all too familiar waiting room setting again.  Momma is having a stress test done, and while it's nothing serious or something I should worry about, I still get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I come here.
Her stress test should take about 3 hours.  I've played this 'waiting room' game before and know how long 3 hours can drag out when all that's going on is elderly people coughing and CNN inaudible  on the 23" tv in the far corner.  So today, I brought my computer to pass the time.  
I thought I'd get a lot of work done when Gerry (with a G-- he told me so) proceeded to sit next to me and tell me his life story.  
Have you ever been the first person in the movie theatre and then the next person that comes in sits in the chair right next to you? 
 Exactly...people do not do this.  It's awkward and uncomfortable...Gerry obviously didn't get this personal space memo because in a semi-empty waiting room, he sat in the chair directly next to me. 
I'm polite, I understand that I might be the only person Gerry gets to talk to today, so I played along.  He has told me everything I could ever want to know about dog breeding, cars, exhaust tips, his estranged relationship with his family, how his ex-wife liked to buy Louis Vutton purses and put them into debt and how he came to have heart surgery.  He "knows more about things than the average person" and who am I to question his knowledge? 
So, here's to you Gerry with a 'G'... I hope everything turns out well with your 3 by-pass surgeries and the incredible upper thigh scar I could have lived forever without seeing.  

But, with everything Gerry has said to me, he made me realize something.  If someone takes the time to talk to you, take the time to listen.  You don't know what their life is like outside the 15 minuets they engage in conversation with you.  You may be the highlight of their day. 
Gerry-- You've definitely been the highlight of mine.  
Day 1 of Spring Break 2011= success. 
Sarah Beth

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Good Lord! 
Last week was the busiest week EVER!
I had all of the classes by myself because my mentor teacher took an early spring break, so to say that I was exhausted every day would be an understatement.
However, *drum roll* its SPRING BREAK!!!!
{Insert God-like music here}
I am spending my week at home doing absolutely nothing with my momma.  Am I happy about it?
I plan on doing all of three things this week:
1. Take at least one nap a day.  Seriously.
2. Snuggle with Oscar.
3. Shop till I drop and in turn need a nap.

Hopefully I can keep up better with my postings now that I have a week to recuperate and regain consciousness.  However, if you didn't already know my parents live in the middle of nowhere on a little slice of God's country in Louisiana.  And while God's country is beautiful and nature is amazing, the Internets have not yet come to appreciate God's country at full speed.  So the pictures and videos are tough to load this week.  I'll try to take some so you can see what I see out of my front window each day.  It's a little unusual to say the least. :)
Gotta love it.
 Love you all! 

Sarah Beth

Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday

John is coming to Fayetteville!
Excuse me while I jump up and down. 
 Can't stand being away from this boy! I'm getting my post in while I'm in class... I'm a horrible student amazing multi-tasker.  So I'm gonna keep this short and sweet...

Love John...

Hate School...

Also, can anyone tell me what's up with the iPhone? I knew that they were having problems with alarms because of the time change, so I deleted all of my alarms and then added new ones.  Did this work? Of course not...but don't worry, it didn't go off an hour late...It went off an hour EARLY.  Waking up at 5:30 is not okay.  Get it together iPhone before I abandon you.  

So if you're having a case of the Mondays and it's taking you on a trip towards negative town, Remember......
And if that doesn't work......

I'll leave you with this song to brighten up your monday :) 

Sarah Beth

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday ya'll!! 
I hope that this week has been great and that you are all looking forward to a wonderful relaxing weekend...I know I am!
Unfortunately, with the beautiful spring weather also comes the allergies... BOOO.  Flowers and trees are pretty...

Sneezing 223975 times a day is not....

So I am currently on drugs all hopped up on Allegra D! Yay... Thank you Jesus it's over the counter now! I hate going to the doctor and will literally wallow in misery until it is absolute necessary that I go.  If I ever tell you 'I went to the doctor' you know it's serious.  
So, since I'm currently a disgusting human being (I was seriously grossing kids out today), I'm keeping it low key tonight and just laying around on the couch and watching a Say Yes To The Dress marathon. Stop freaking out, John.  Love that show! The dresses are so pretty!
 It's also good that I am being forced to stay home because I am taking my last Praxis test tomorrow morning at 7am!! 

Say a little prayer for me! I am really over the Praxis and I am hoping I pass with flying colors so I never have to look at these tests ever again! Hooray! 
I hope ya'll have a fun Friday! I'll leave you with this song of the day... every time I hear it I can't help but dance! Also a great song to workout to...
Sarah Beth

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So today I'm linking up for the first time with Jamie @Our Family of Four for Thankful Thursdays.  I'll be the first to admit that I can focus on the negative more than the positive on a daily basis sometimes, so that's why I gave up negativity for lint! Hooray!

1. My PARENTS are the most wonderful people on Earth.  Not only do they put up with me, they have allowed me to live my life! My mother is one of the strongest people I know.  She has been through a lot and deserves everything that she has now... Which brings me to my amazing Step Dad.  Lets just say I wouldn't be anywhere close to the person I am now with out him.  He has blessed me with so many fantastic opportunities and allowed me to be a first generation college student! LOVE THEM BOTH!!

2. My BOYFRIEND John.  I met John when I was 21 and I'll just throw it out there-- he is my first boyfriend ever.  Yep.  And let me tell ya, I won the prize with this one :) He, like my parents, deals with my crazy has made me who I am today. He stole my black heart and made me a mushy girl.  Gross.   He is so driven and knows what he wants to do with life.  He doesn't get stressed out or let something ruin his day and I admire that so much.  Best thing to ever happen to me! 

3. GUMMIE VITAMINS Hello world, I'm a child.  I hate taking vitamins.  I know that I don't eat foods that give me my daily requirements so I have discovered a gift from Jesus himself One a Day Gummie Vitamins! Ya'll, I seriously want to eat the entire bottle... they're almost too good. 

4. PUPPY DOGS No, for once I'm not talking about Cash and Oscar (although, in my opinion they are the greatest).  I'm just talking about dogs in general! Could you imagine a world without dogs?! I'm sorry, but that is just not a world I want to live in.  And I definitely think that there is something horribly wrong with people who don't like dogs.  There has to be a huge hole in their hearts!
How do you not just die for these puppies?!

5. Friendship The only ship that doesn't sink.  I have been blessed with great friends, some old and some new, but all who I wouldn't trade for the world!! Love ya'll!

I am also thankful for this song and this video. Work it Kristen from Laguna Beach!  Hope ya'll have a fantastic Thursday! Remember what you're thankful for today! 

Sarah Beth