Thursday, January 31, 2013

ya'll... I can't even

Is today Monday?
Because it totally feels like it with the way things have been going.

All of my tires decided to go flat this morning.
Also, I have to get my car inspected today because it's the last day of the month.  Can I just say that, being from Arkansas where they somehow found a way to not make you waste your time doing something pointless like getting your car inspected, have never done this before?!
I totally didn't realize that I needed to do this until Today... the last day of the month.

So on my lunch break, I take Tiffany (thats my car's name, keep up) to the place to get her inspected and they ask me for my proof of insurance.
Sure, I have that..... except I didn't have that.
Turns out the insurance card that was in my car expired YESTERDAY and the new one.. the one I got weeks ago and forgot to put in my car.. is sitting it's pretty little self on my desk at home. 

Usually, this wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that I work until 6, don't get home until 6:30 and all car inspection places are closed by then.

(this is where things turn around)
I call my boss, explain the sitch, he lets me work from home the rest of the day and take care of business.

Now Tiffany is all good, I'm sitting on my couch answering emails and catching up on DVR with my puppy dog. 
Best day turn around ever.

Which brings me to the two reasons why working from home > everything else...
1- no one judges you on how many times you go to the bathroom... sorry I'm trying to be healthy and hydrate myself which leads to the inevitable!
2-You don't have to wear pants
Point Made.

But what am I saying? This day can't be bad because I will be seeing my favorites ever, Eli Young Band tonight at the House of Blues!!

You may have seen them on an episode of this season of The Bachelor.

I was trying to count the times I've seen them, but I can't even remember.... 12 maybe? 
They used to come to my college town all of the time before they decided to go and get really famous on me.
I lurves them.
But not once has John rented out an amusement park and set up a private concert for us.
We're breaking up.

I hope ya'll are having a happy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

House pins

Hey ya'll!
It's Wednesday, so I hope you're all doin the Humpty Hump because there's only two more days until the weeeeeekeeeeend!

So if you were here Monday, you know that my house is comin' right along!
So exciting!

I have been getting so many great decorating ideas from Pinterest that my house will either look like a dream, or look like Pinterest threw up all over it.
Gorgeous regardless.

This precious block of color is going to be the paint color for our down stairs area! 
Shermin-Williams "Night Sky"...get it gurrrl!

This will be happening... it's just too cute not to.

Love this idea... and now we'll finally have a pantry door to paint!
Do ya'll hear that? It's those Angels singing!

Housewarming gift, anyone?
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Love this wall... love the colors.. love the open frames with things 'floating' in them.
Doin it, and doin it, and doin it well.

Cruuute idea.

Paint color for the bedroom... and again I need it.
Unfortunately, I'll never be able to have anything white again because of a certain black creature that inhabits every corner of my home.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Love this for the guest bath! Minus the alphabet... no need fo dat.

So there you have it! Just a few examples from the many... and I mean many... ideas I have for the new casa de la Sarita y Juan.
Adios, Amigos!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

dogs: making smart people dumb since 30,000 BC

Most of my free time is spent watching my dog walk in circles, watching him fail miserably at being the  'dog park rapist' and picking up his human sized 'presents'...ifyouknowwhatimean.
What. A. Babe.
Some people don't understand the love I have for my dogs. 
I don't understand why you live-tweeted while giving birth... so I guess we're even.
After several years of pure unadulterated people watching, I've learned a lot about myself, about 'dog people' in general, and about people I don't associate with known as 'not dog people'. 
Here are some of my conclusions:
1. If you wear white to a dog park and a friendly dog jumps on you to do nothing other than reward you with kisses and say 'hello' and you scream and yell because "This is Ed Hardy!!!"... probably rethink your life decisions.
2. When talking to your dog, (let that sink in) it may be difficult to go an entire sentence without saying 'baby boy' or 'handsome man' or 'pretty pretty princess'... so I've heard. 
3. If you're a grown man and you're walking around with a dog that weighs less than the burger you just ate... I want to be best friends with you.  You're either a very secure man, or gay.  And I'd love to hang out regardless. 
4. I've seen two very logical looking adults jump into the Houston Bayou because they weren't sure if their Portugese Water Dog knew how to swim. 
A- duh
B- Why would you take him to the Bayou if you weren't sure he could swim?
ps. I would like everyone to know that I did control my laughter when I asked them what kind of dog they had after they came crawling out of the Bayou and they said "Portugese Water Dog"... I mean, really?
pps. the dog did, in fact, know how to swim.
ppps (too much?). You may also recognize this type of dog as the Bo Obama (or Bobama as I like to call him) breed. 
You do you, Bobama.
5. You may find yourself dressing your dog in better clothes than you are dressing yourself in at the moment. 
6. See that last bite on your dinner plate? Get a dog and never enjoy that last bite ever again. 
7. So you enjoy sprawling out in your bed and sleeping in whatever position you please? I'm does your dog, and his beauty sleep matters WAY more than yours.
oh, and please make sure you allow them to get at least 18 hours of sleep a day or they'll be just too tired to function.
8. I don't know if this is just me, but Cash is the sole reason I get up and run in the mornings... so get a dog and stop being obese. 
9. Everyone says "dogs love you unconditionally" "dogs do not judge"... I beg to differ... Look at the judgement I get on a daily basis
I'm just over here trying to do work so I can provide for you and all you can do is sit and stare at me with this face.
So much side eye. 
Finally... I've never loved something so much that never talked back to me... except that JTT poster I had in the 6th grade.  
Dogs are wonderful, they'll make you stupid, but they'll always be there for you when you need them to put a smile on your face and you've gotta love that.


Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend update in the hizzhouzz

Happy Monday lovelies! 
I hope your week is getting off to a good start!

I started my day off by getting up out of my nice warm bed and taking puppy (and myself) for a 2 mile run! 
Who am I?

Today I'm starting the 7 Day Slim Down by my favorite Tone it Up girls.  
I did this last summer before our trip to Vegas and I lost 10lbs and lots of inches.
I need a good jump start to my new healthy self image, so I'm excited to get the party started with them again!

The weather this weekend in Houston was beyond.
It was 75 and sunny and NOT humid...
hallelujah the angels did sing!

And in light of the gorgeous weather, my favorite black man decided to take me on a little Saturday picnic! 
There's just nothing like good selfies with the puppy.

Saturday night I was feeling an extra kind of cranky and just couldn't be around people...
Thank goodness we went home early or I probably would have.

Sunday was spent being just as loungy (it's not lazy if you're relaxing) then John and I heard from our realtor that they have framed our house! 
We had to go check it out!

Isn't she beautiful?!
Here I am throwing my hands in the air and waving them like I just don't care from our back porch!
Yes I'm wearing this in January... the weather, ya'll, is crazy.

Here's the back of the house... this is about halfway back in the yard... plenty of play space for our puppy child!

I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives! 
My pinterest boards have never looked more exciting!

I hope you all are having a great Monday!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear you know who you are...

Dear Friday... why do you come so slowly then go so quickly? I love you so much, but wish you away at the same time.  Come on 6:00pm!

Dear whoever cooked Beefaroni in the break room... thanks for jump starting my diet by making me completely lose my appetite for the remainder of the work day.  Appreciate you.

Dear Luke Bryan Spotify Radio Station... I don't hate you.  Keep on keepin on.

Dear John... Sorry I went all crazy on you this morning when your alarm went off at 6:30 and you snoozed it until 7:45.  That was irrational of me.
But if it happens again I will snap.

Dear Weekend... Don't disappoint, sister.  I'm counting on you. 

Have a great weekend ya'll!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

on being yourself

We're gonna be a little serious over here today.  
I know... me, serious? Whaaa?
But it happens...sometimes.

Today I want to talk about being yourself.

I've never truly been 'happy' with myself.
What is 'happy'? Everyone has something that makes them happy.  
You're probably thinking of that thing right now.
For me, it's my dog and my family...
unless my dog has gotten in the trash or my family are telling me things I don't want to hear.
But for the most part those are the things that make me 'happy'.

In my short 25 years, I've struggled a lot with being happy.  This probably comes as a shock to some because on the outside I'm always smiling and cracking jokes, but thats mostly a defense on my part.
All throughout high school I was pretty quiet.  I had friends, don't get me wrong, but I didn't talk much in class or reach out to people I didn't know for fear of rejection and because I just wasn't that happy with myself.
I often even said "I don't really like myself, so why would anyone else." No one was coming up to me and trying to be my friend, so why would I go up to them?
What I didn't realize is by having this attitude I was coming off as a snob, or rude, someone even told me I thought "I was better than everyone"...which was shocking because here I was thinking the exact opposite.
At lunchtime, I would look over at the "popular table" and think 
"if I was skinner...then I'd be happy"
"if I was smarter...then I'd be happy"

Not once did I think "maybe if I just accepted me for me...then I'd be happy"

Be yourself.
You're 'you' for a reason. 
Own it.
Work it. 
Twerk it.
That's something I'm trying daily to do. 
...especially the Twerking. 
Life is short... and you're going to be 'you' for all of it.
It's time I start loving myself for who I am instead of hating myself for who I am not. 

And that concludes the "wow sarah, you probably need therapy" post for the day.
Go out and be YOU today!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

whaddup Pinterest

First I would like to thank you all for the out pouring of support over yesterday's post.
Without your kind words and encouragement, I don't know how I would move on from the ghosts of my past. 
And by ghosts I mean fanny packs.

To all of the new friends I made yesterday, hiiiiii! Ya'll must be awesome to still want to read anything I have to say after seeing that mess yesterday. 
You go Glenn Coco... you go. 

Today (because I just can't get enough) I'm linking up with Michelle for

Summer is on its way... and practically already here if you live in Houston. 
My bikini body, however, has decided to take an extended winter break... 
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

OPI "Second Honeymoon" is perfect.

The 'ol V-day is coming up.  I think this would look cruuute on my finger!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I feel ya pony, I feel ya.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Hilarious. All of it. #blessed

So there you have it! Follow me on Pinterest to see what crazy I got goin on over there!

Happy Wednesday!