Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh how random

I don't have any one thought that could make up an entire post so I'm going to put down several random thoughts that have been swirling around in my head today. Enjoy.

{1. Pinterest}
Am I the last person on Earth to know about this site?  Okay, okay...I admit...I heard about Pinterest a while ago but thought to myself, "self, you are already intervention worthy addicted a member of Facebook, and don't need another website to occupy your time while finishing up grad school."

Well guess what?! Girlfriend isn't in grad school anymore!

Bring it on Pinterest... we're going to be best best friends.

I may be naive here but if you haven't heard of Pinterest click the link and check it out!
*Momma, I'm talking to you*

{2. Social Media}
Stresses me out. And I don't even Twitter. After not using the internet at all for a week, I was overwhelmed when I got on facebook for the first time and had 123 (Not an exaggeration) notifications from birthday posts, friend requests, STUPID game requests and other things... WHAAAAT?! Listen ya'll, I am not that poplar...that is ridiculous.  But do not fret, I'm back in my 'ol addictive facebook swing.  It took a whole 3 days, bless my heart.

{3. Self Esteem}
If you have an extra bit of it lying around, could you kindly send it my way? John gets on to me all the time for being too hard on myself, and honestly until he started pointing out all of the negative things I say about myself I never noticed it.  I'm trying to be better not only for me, but for him...because if I don't like myself that much why should he? So what if I have to look at inspirational quotes every once and awhile to get up and going? The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?!

{4. Salty foods}
I. Am. Addicted.  Like, seriously.  I think it's because I have low blood pressure... I crave it! As a child I used to suck on bullion cubes (yes, that's disgusting, please don't judge me) because they're so salty.  I would much rather eat bacon than brownies...and girlfriend looooves brownies.

Okay, enough being random.  These are just some of the thoughts that randomly come into my mind during the day.  Can we still be friends?  

All pictures via Pinterest, duh.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm alive

Well ya'll... we did it.
My friends and I survived a week of Vegas!
I can honestly say this past week was the absolute most fun I have ever had on vacation in my life! 
Best. Birthday. EVER!

Honestly, I'm still in a Vegas haze.
Here's a little recap of the shenanigans we got into...
*the G-rated version...Momma reads this ya'll :)* 

Monday we got settled in and went to the New York hotel to try our hand at craps...craps was the game of choice all week and overall... win or loose as long as you play there's free booze!

Tuesday we pooled it up in our own private cabana at Planet Hollywood where we stayed.

Tuesday night we hit up Chateau at Paris and partied the night away at a private table with bottle service...hollarrrr!

Wednesday we traveled down to the best Casino Royale for $3 craps tables and all the free drinks you could handle.
Elsa will forever live in our hearts.
Wednesday night we headed out to Surrender at Encore for my birthday kickoff party and the best night yet.  Our cab ride home consisted of the cab driver singing the song Will Ferrell sings at the end of Step Brothers at the Catalina Wine Mixer... if you don't know what that is, just understand that it's awesome.
{The Vegas Crew}
{Surrender...SO PRETTY!}
{Needless to say...this was me the next morning...haha}
Thursday *my birthdayyyyy* we travled next door to pool it up at The Cosmopolitan pool.  Needless to say it was legitimate.
Thursday night we had dinner at Sushi Roku in Caesars Palace which was DELISH and came with a cute little cake!!

Then we went to Tryst at Wynn and then to Gallery back at Planet Hollywood where John got us a table and bottle service for my birthday! 
{Tryst was half indoor/half outdoor waterfall...soo cool}
{Dancing machines!}
{Table at Gallery!}
{Dancing the night away...literally}
We partied there until the lights came up around 4am....then immediately had to pack for the shuttle back to the airport at 5. GROSS.
{5am shuttle...8am flight... no sleep... wouldn't trade it for anything!}

We made it to the airport with no sleep and the group morale seriously in decline...but once we landed Momma and Greg were there to pick us up and take us to Dairy Queen, which I'm pretty sure is the only reason we are alive today.
Plane ride was rough ya'll.

After an incredibly long nap sleep...
*I'm talkin 15+ hours* once again seemed livable. 
I had no voice for two days and was basically a big 'ol hot mess.
I'm feeling much better now, but no matter how exhausted Vegas made me...I WANNA GO BACK!!

I think I could make it out there...put some of those club dancers to shame...

Hope ya'll are having a fantastic week!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

later ya'll!

First off I want to give a special Father's Day shout out to my step dad Greg! 
Thank you for being you!

Secondly, I want to give a shout out to all of my new followers friends!! Thank you for joining me and my little slice of the bloggy world!! 

Lastly, I'm so excited sorry to announce that I'll be super MIA for the next week.  This girl is leaving for
*drum roll*
Las Vegas in the morning!!
If you've been with me for the past couple of months then you know I have been counting down the hours days until this trip!
I'll be back next week with tons of pics, stories, and posts to sum up this trip of a lifetime! 
So friends, watch out because what happens in vegas may end up on this blog :)


Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

Did you know: on average, right handed people live 9 years longer than leftys?
Did you know: that I love link ups?
Did you know: that I'm super random?

I'm linking up with Lauren for the first time for
1.   The last movie I saw was  The Hangover II.  I agree with everyone that it is basically the first movie set in Thailand, but it still made me laugh so its all good.

2.  I want to see a concert this summer...really anyone will do.

3.  Surprises are  fun IF someone says "I have a surprise for you, and here it is right now!!" Surprises are not fun IF someone says "I have a surprise for you,BUT you're gonna have to wait for it!!" I hate that so so much!

4.  The best accessory is  a smile! 

5.  My favorite warm drink is I live for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in October!! YUMMM

6.  My favorite cold drink is Sweet Tea...duh.

7.  Currently loving  summer, shiny things, sparkle dresses, guitar lessons, my puppy dogs, my family, my friends, and my boo!

Happy Weekend ya'll!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's the simple things in life

I'm excited to link up with Jesslyn Amber for the first time this week for
Sometimes it's so easy to get busy in our own lives and forget to stop and remember that it's the simple things that make life worth living.
<3 Here are the simple things that made me smile this week <3
*My cute puppies being so excited to see me every day*
*Having AC in my car when the temperature is 104*
*Knowing I have someone who loves me for who I am and nothing else*
*Talking to a long lost friend and feeling like you just saw each other yesterday*
*Having to go down a dress size when trying on clothes can I get an Amen*
*Having parents who love me unconditionally*
*Sweet Ice Tea on a hot Louisiana night*
*Friends who are funny*
*Having all of you read my blog!*

What are some simple things that make you happy?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

favorite day!

It's Wednesday again! 
*my most favorite bloggy day*
Wednesday means that we are halfway to Saturday and I am ALWAYS looking forward to Saturday
Today, as always, I'm linking up with Leigh Ashley and Jamie for Wee Bit Wednesday and WILW!!
{one} what color best describes you + why?
Ohh... a hard one right off the bat! Hmm... I would say green because it's fun and who doesn't like green? 
{two} how have you changed in the past year?
Well... without question this past year was the toughest year of my life.  I faced a lot of challenges with school and learned that I can really do anything if I set my mind to it and keep on keeping on.  I think I've grown up a lot in the past year.  which is pretty gross :)
{three} have you ever had any surgeries?
I've had my tonsils and appendix out... not at the same time. 
{four} why did you start your blog?
I needed something to help me procrastinate from school to help me put my thoughts out there.  I'm not a super emotional person, and I really hate talking about I decided to write my thoughts and feelings down in a place where anyone in the world could read them.  I'm a very ironic person.
{five} what are you looking forward to this summer?
{six} do you have any family traditions for the 4th of July?
Not really.  Usually some sort of grillin and chillin :)
{seven} what’s something new that you’ve tried in the past few months?
Melatonin... or as I like to call it "a gift from God"... I have THE WORST time falling asleep at night.  This little all natural God send helps me drift fast asleep and doesn't make me drowsy or groggy in the mornings.  Literally the greatest thing.
{eight} what is the perfect a/c temperature?
Somewhere around 68-70... I like to cuddle under a blanket all year long.
{nine} what was the last movie you saw in the theater?
The Hangover II... hilarious and disturbing all at the same time.
{ten} what song do you think everyone should hear at least once?
Ohh... there are so many..."Stop This Train" by John Mayer... its just so lyrically clever I can't get over it. 

{I'm Loving} that I'm going to Las Vegas in 4 days with some pretty cool people!! I have literally been counting down the days for months now and it is sooo close I can't believe it!
{I'm Loving} that I'm going shopping this weekend for said Vegas trip and am in search of some cute dresses!
{I'm Loving} that I got my hur did today because girlfriend was looking a HOT MESS... 
{I'm Loving} that it is summer time and momma makes Sweet Tea every night on the reg... can we say heaven?
and as always {I'm Loving} my boo...


Friday, June 10, 2011

Special Day!

Haaaaaaapy Birthday to a very special man in my life, Greg!

My Step Dad Greg has blessed me beyond words and provided me with opportunities that I never in my life imagined.  He is the sole reason I was able to not only go to college, but go on to get my Master's degree.  He is my number one fan especially when momma is less than impressed with me and always has the best advise.  I don't know where I'd be without him so I wanted to send out a very special
Happy Birthday
to a man I not only call my step dad, but to a man I also call my friend :)

"Too often we don't express our feelings to the special people in our lives, but I want you to know that your caring ways have made a real difference for me.  My life is better because you are a part of it."


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

we bit loves

It's Wednesday so you know what that means...
I'm linking up with Jamie and Leigh Ashley for WILW and Wee Bit Wednesday!

{I'm Loving} Guitar lessons! I have always wanted to play the guitar and I'm finally learning! It's hard because I have little baby hands and nubby fingers, but I'm kind of getting the hang of it! I go back tomorrow for my second lesson and hopefully my teacher will be impressed. *nubby fingers crossed*

{I'm Loving} that I get to go back to Memphis this weekend! I hope I get to see all of my friends because unfortunately they have real people jobs (booooo) which will require them to work on Saturday.  Hopefully we'll be reunited Saturday night!
{I'm Loving} my mother even though she made me dust mop and then steam mop the entire kitchen today.  

{I'm Loving} being sore from working out.  It hurts, but it's a good hurt ya know? I went to a cardio kick boxing class last night and feel like I was literally in a brawl today.  Hurts so good!

{I'm Loving} sparkly dresses! I'll be in Vegas for my birthday *less than 2 weeks...hollarrr* and really want a fun sparkly birthday dress like one of these...

{one} how many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?
Never... and I'm not that upset about it.
{two} what’s the last thing your do before you fall asleep at night?
Watch tv... which is probably why I don't sleep well.
{three} you just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?
St. Lucia
... dang you "The Bachelor" for ever introducing me to this place!
{four} what is your favorite outdoor activity?
Tanning by some sort of body of water.
{five} as a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?
A singer or an actress.  I never realized that some people would not want to be either of those things.  I'm not there yet, but I'm working on it.
{six} what are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?
A huge island in the kitchen, a theatre, and ocean views!
{seven} what’s for dinner tonight?
Who knows.
{eight} if someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?
Probably watching tv.  Exciting life, I know. 
{nine} what’s your average monthly water bill?
Like $30... not too sure. 
{ten} what do you do to relax?
Lay down, watch tv, and try to take a nap!


Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend in pictures

*I apologize in advance for the horrific picture quality.  All photos taken with my iPhone...aka Sarah Beth NEEDS a camera*

Hey hey! I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend...I know I did!
Wanna know why??
Well, let me tell ya!

John came into town for the Oil Man's Golf Tournament and there were fun parties Thursday- Saturday night.  
Thursday night they kicked off the Tournament weekend with dinner and drinks at Sam's Town Casino in Shreveport.  The room was HUGE and had really cool blue lights outlining the sectioning of the ceiling.  Of course, I didn't take a picture of it because that would have made too much since...typical.  But just trust me... it was pre-tay!
Friday night the tournament hosted a crawfish boil after the guys played golf all day in the 95+ heat.  I am by no means a golfer, but I like to think that 90 degree temperatures and humidity does not make golfing an enjoyable experience.  However, eating crawfish and drinking a cold beer makes any negative a positive.
{I was about to rip his little head was the least I could do}
Every night they gave away door prizes that were mostly geared towards the men... it was the Oil MAN's tournament so it made since.  They did have a few gifts geared towards the ladies like jewelry and trips, but sadly...I won nothing.  Mr. Lucky Pants John did tho! Boyfriend won a new golfing wedge, which I'm assuming is really nice and something you need to play a round of golf...but who knows.
{Winner winner chicken dinner!}
{Cute pose, girl}
Saturday was the last day of the tournament and the last night for dinner and giveaways.  John and I spent some of the day fishing duh but it was just too hot to stay outside for too long. 
We went to the country club for dinner and to see if any of us were luck enough to win the grand prize.  Short story... we weren't.  But Christi got some awesome Yurman earrings that I am super jealous of so proud she won! haha :) 

All in all it was a great weekend! John left Sunday to head to Houston for some job training classes or something.  Which led to this picture he took as he was pulling out of the driveway...
so depressing.
But I'm turning that frown upside down because we will be reuniting again Friday for yet another Memphis wedding! So excited to see all of my people again!
*drum roll*
Only one more week until we are all Vegas bound!
Can. Not. Wait.