Thursday, May 31, 2012

this little life of mine

It's Wednesday Thursday!
Where has this week gone?
It's also the last day of May... where has this month gone?!

Tomorrow is the first day of my birthday month, AKA the first day of my month of mourning. 
But more on that later...

I bet you've been wondering what in the world I've been up to?
Whatever, I'll tell you anyway!
This past weekend was so much fun!
Johns parents and sister got to come to my neck of the woods for a good 'ol country weekend celebration

We shot some guns

Did some fishing

Took some family pics

Drank too many of these... DELISH and DANGEROUS :)

 and just relaxed

It was such a great weekend! 

Now it's back to the real world...womp womp.

But I have some good news! 
I have a interview on Monday for a teaching position in the HoustonISD!
To say I'm nervous would be a extreme understatement.

For this interview, I have to give a 5minute lesson plan over my content area (drama/speech) to a panel of interviewers and the other candidates applying for the job.
Um, talk about intimidating...
I mean, teaching a bunch of teenagers is one thing, but trying to 'teach' a room full of peers or people even older than me... um, no thanks.

So *attention all teacher friends*, any ideas on a 5 minute lesson? I've been brainstorming and thinking up of something to do with the stages of plot, but I don't know if that's very interesting or whatever...
AHHH...I'm probably over thinking this.

Anywho, that's what I've been up to this week... unpacking, cleaning house, taking poor sick ear puppy to the vet, working on my fitness, grocery shopping, laundry, and of course watching hours and hours of useless reality tv.
(oh, can we have a moment of silence for the season finale of Revenge???!!!! I mean....)

Keep me in your thoughts and send me ANY and EVERY idea you might have for a 5 minute lesson plan! 

Friday, May 25, 2012


 Hello loves!
I'm running all over the place today being a crazy person trying to get everything together for the weekend!

I just wanted to stop by and say I hope ya'll have a great Memorial holiday and are able to soak up some sun where ever you are!

Eat a Hamburger, drink a beer glass of sweet tea, and thank God for all of the men and women who keep us living in the land of the free!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

lovey dovey

Hello dears! 
How's your Wednesday going? 
Fantabulous I hope, yep...just said fantabulous.

The week is almost over and a loooong weekend awaits us! 
Lets talk about some things I'm loving today!
Like always I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle!
Play along! It's fun and a great way to connect with other bloggers!

{I'M LOVING} that this weekend is Memorial weekend! Memorial weekend is the official kick-off to summer! John and I are meeting Johns parents and sister at my parents house for a fun weekend of grilling, fishing, 4-wheeling, crawfish eating and sun soaking!
John and I have dated for almost 4 years, but our parents have only met once! I guess that's what happens when you meet in college and your families live 5 hours away. 
It's a long over due reunion and I can't wait!

{I'M LOVING} that Memorial day also means POOL OPENINGS!! I've been running with Cash everyday so I've got the sweetest of tank top and shorts tan...I'm ready to even this baby out!

{I'M LOVING} that the season finale of Revenge is tonight!

Are ya'll watching this show? 
If not, do yourself a favor and get hooked!
It has the greatest twists and turns...and lets be honest

this guy isn't too hard to watch for an hour either.

{I'M LOVING} the things I've been finding on Pinterest!

This is me everyday in Houston...
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Angry cow is angry!

Gotta love country music!
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Loooooove barn weddings
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Someone get me this ASAP!!
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Hog for life!
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Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i'm taking back everything i've ever said

*DISCLAIMER: this post is really long and has no pics (gross) but it's something that was weighing on my mind and I just knew I had to get it out there!*

If you've been with me for a while then you know that I graduated with a Masters in Teaching.
You will also know that after teaching High School for a year, I decided that I had no interest in education whatsoever.
Huge bummer when that's your degree.
womp womp.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't have respect for teachers.  If anything, after the past year I have an ENORMOUS amount of respect for teachers.
A-for the obvious, they are severely underpaid for what they do.
B- because they have an impact on so many lives (positive or negative, unfortunately)
C- they lay the groundwork for the youth of today to be successful
Um, that's a lot to put on one persons shoulders.

So ya'll are probably wondering why I thought I never wanted to teach.  
There were several reasons. 
Some of my students we're unacceptably disrespectful.
We're talking sexual harassment people.
That definitely killed my spirits. I had been teaching for all of 2 months.  I was convinced that this was what being a teacher was like. 
And I HATED it.
It was extra difficult to deal with because this was a student I had stood up for in the past.  
He was a junior, star on the baseball team (already being looked at by scouts), with an 8th grade reading level.
Ya'll...that's not okay.
I have a special place in my heart for students who aren't getting the attention they need at school or home.  
When I was in High School I was painfully shy, who would've thought! so shy that I never talked in class. 
I did my work, sat in the back, and prayed the teacher wouldn't call on me.
I was so insecure that I just knew if I answered a question wrong the entire class would deem me an idiot and throw things at me and I'd die.
Well obviously that never happened and I've overcome my fear of speaking in class.
(*side note* I teach oral communications and drama...isn't it ironic, dontcha think)
So I tried to give this student extra help because while baseball is awesome, if you can't read your own stats, you're only embarrassing yourself.
Long story short he said and did some very inappropriate things in my classroom leading him to be transferred to another classroom and (because of a totally different issue) eventually suspended school.

Ya'll I was SO torn up over this.
I thought this was my fault, I had just ruined this 17 year olds future.
I was second guessing if I did the right thing by telling the principal.
Well of course I did the right thing, and come to find out this was not his first offense
One day, his father showed up in the middle of one of my classes CRYING telling me "that is not the son I raised."
What do you say to a grown man, stranger, crying in your face?
Probably one of the hardest things I've dealt with in the past few years.

My other students and mentor teacher rallyed around me and made me feel better about the situation.
That helped.
But in the back of my mind I just kept saying, 'I can't do this. I'm not cut out to do this.'

Fast forward to this year.
I've spent the past 12 months searching for jobs in anything other than education.

I had a social media job that I loved and got great experience from.
Since moving to Houston, I've applied to 56 social media/ marketing/pr jobs.

I've had several interviews and some second interviews, but as ya'll know this girl is still "FUNemployed".

Over the past few weeks I've been doing some serious soul searching.
I've been praying and asking the Lord to lead me where he wants me to be in life.
I've decided to put it in his hands.

I believe that the Lord can talk to us and sends us messages through random things that happen everyday.

I was running errands the other day when a commercial came on the radio.
I listen to satellite radio so there are only a few commercials, if any at all, on any of the stations.
Obviously someone had pushed the wrong button on something (I worked for a radio station random, it's super common) and a commercial came on and all it said was "Want to make a difference? Be a Teacher" before it was cut off.
My mouth literally dropped open.

Um, GOD?
You talkin to me?

So, just to see, I began searching for open teaching positions.
I'm qualified to teach speech and drama.
It's not a super common subject area, so I was skeptical that there would be any open positions.
I've found 9.
That's a lot for a subject area as specific as mine.

Also, because there's nothing else to do at 9am, I watch Live With Kelly.
Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and they showed different segments with teachers who do remarkable things in the lives of their students.
It really inspired me.
He works in mysterious ways ya'll.

So, here I am, and my Mother will probably get to say 'told you so' like I know she enjoys doing, but I'm applying for teaching jobs in Houston.
And I'm actually excited!

I know I have the potential to be a great teacher and make a difference in other peoples lives.  I want to be the teacher that I never had and connect with all of my students. 

So look out parents of Houston, TX your kids just might have me as a role model.
You've been warned!


Monday, May 21, 2012

since we last spoke...

Happy Monday party people!
I am so excited to get this week over with and spend the upcoming Memorial weekend with family and friends! 
 But before we can move forward, lets relive the past.

Here's what went down in my world this weekend:

I made the prettiest grossest tasting pot-pie of all time
Okay, it really wasn't that bad...John even ate it as left overs the next day.
It just wasn't momma's pot-pie, so I wasn't having it.

John became a professional basketball player
See that blur in the center?
That would be my lightening fast Kevin Durant of a boyfriend.

We were giddy children waiting for the Turtle races

I learned that maybe you should clean out your cabinets every once in a while
 Hamburgers anyone?

John tried to pretend Cash was a tiny puppy again

Went out on the town and caught a pretty view of the city lights

Went to see the Astros beat the Rangers!
awful seats :)

The highlight of the weekend HAD to be becoming famous on the Kiss Cam! We were the first ones they put the camera on! It was so funny and random!
I wish I had a picture or video of it because I'm sure we looked ridiculous so cute!

We also went to see the Avengers!
I'll be honest, I am really not into the whole super hero-action-fighting aliens-type movies, but after the first 15 minutes and I actually understood what was happening, I really enjoyed it!!

So there ya have it! 
An eventful past couple of days!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lately...through Instagram

Hey friends!
I woke up this morning to see the boo off on his way to work and noticed that he was wearing jeans today.  In my mind I thought "why is he being casual today? IS IT FRIDAYYYY?!"

Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it's Thursday.

Womp, womp.

Anyway, I'm back in the swing of my daily routine.  Why is it that I always feel like I need a vacation from a 'vacation' (yes I'm calling going home for mothers day a vaca)?

But now I'm back in my routine of eat breakfast, run with Cash, eat lunch, run errands/clean house, go to the gym, take Cash to the puppy park, cook dinner, watch hours of tv.

A day in the life, let me tell ya.

Let me recap a little on what I did this past weekend.... I know you're anxiously waiting

I got to celebrate this special teenager

Had a photo shoot with my favorite calendar dogs

Then I might have gotten in on the action

Relaxed with this guy after a long day

Then headed back to Houston with the saddest puppy ever

There you have it.
Now I'm off to do an infinite amount of laundry and grocery shopping.
Both of which I HATE.

Wish me luck.

Do you Instagram??


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh ya'll...

Hey ya'll!
In case you haven't noticed, I've been MIA for the past couple of days.
I just can't seem to get back into the routine of things.

I'm going to take one more day to try and get my life together then I'll be back for a little recap of my weekend...on a Thursday.

This is my life.


In the meantime, Happy Wednesday!


Friday, May 11, 2012

An ode to Momma

I'm my Momma's only.
And if I'm being completely honest, I like it that way.
Because one, I couldn't imagine sharing her with someone else,
and two, I can't imagine how hard it would be for that sibling to always know that she loved me more.
So today, in the spirit of the Mother's day weekend, I would like to give a little montage of the reasons I love my Momma Bear.

1. Even though I was born an Eskimo, she somehow managed for my hair to turn blonde.

2. She's a fisher.

3. She's a shoe model

4. She's silly

5. She loves a good Wal Mart book signing

6. She cooks!

7. She Gardens!

8. She married this guy!

9. She's a Hells Angel.
*not really*

10.She can get this close to Oscar without him biting her face!

11. She sends kissy pics

12.She loves Christmas morning!

13. She tells me my face is round, but loves me anyway

14. She wears overalls on the reg

15. She's my best friend!

I love you Momma, more than you'll ever know!
But if you're wondering, these cards pretty much say it all

and most importantly

You da best!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas out there!