Friday, June 29, 2012

to whom it may concern:


Dear Schools in or around the vicinity of Houston, I can only email you so many times.  Please hire me before I literally go insane deeming me unhireable (not a word, but you get it...still hire me).

Dear Cash, I love that you follow me everywhere around the house because it's so rare that I actually get up off the couch that you think something special is about to happen.  However, when I head into the bathroom, its not very nice that you nose your way in there also and stare at me.

Dear John, Thank you for telling me I'm pretty even though I've had an unusual amount of strangers tell me other wise... to my face.  Also, thank you for mowing the yard after I yelled at you about mowing the yard.

Dear Houston Heat, You make me want to stay inside forever, and I hate that! Can we knock it down a couple? I mean the humidity has gots to go.

Dear Friday, I'm so glad you have graced us with your presence yet again. I don't know why I get so excited about you because everyday might as well be Friday to me, but I'm happy that John gets to spend more than a couple of hours at night with me.  So thanks for that.

Dear Readers, whazzzaaaaap (remember that?) Thank you for being here and following along with my randomness! I lurve ya'll. Mean it!

the day has come

I don't know what you have planned this afternoon, but this girl has a date!

A date with this group of guys

and that, my friends, is whats up.

Don't worry, John has been helping me look up movie times.

I think he just wants me to come home with a big smile on my face.
Because you know if there were a lady stripper movie coming out... 
well, he wouldn't be seeing it alone, let me tell ya that.
Double standards.
Gotta love 'em.

And just incase you aren't able to check out this movie sent directly from Heaven, here's a hilarious clip from The Jimmy Fallon Show to keep you satisfied, or make you crazy.
Either way.

Funniest shizz I've seen in a while.

Dear Channing, 
Don't ever change.

Dear Channing's wife,
You lucky b.

Dear Channing's parents,
Thank you and God bless.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

keeping it real

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It's okay... have an unhealthy excitement about seeing this movie tomorrow
Sorry I am NOT sorry.
For my 21st Birthday in Vegas, my friends and I went to see "The Thunder From Down Under"... they definitely did NOT look like Channing, let me tell ya.

It's okay... have every intention of cleaning the house, get out all of the supplies, then look around and think 'eh, it can wait'. 

It's okay... wish it was about 20 degrees cooler outside so you could actually go do something without melting like Frosty.

It's okay... only leave the house to go to the gym for the past 5 days.
(actually, no, that's not okay)

It's okay... want to go to the beach so bad that you're thinking about just getting in the car and going.

It's okay... miss your best friend(s) and wish they lived in the same city as you.

It's okay... end this post because I don't really know what else to say :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yum in my tum: Pinterest Edition

If you know me, then you know this big girl LOVES food.
While most of the time my relationship with yummy treats might be a love/hate, hate/love kinda thing, here's some yummies I found via Pinterest that will keep you saying 'YUM' without worrying about any growth in the TUM.

In college, a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme was my all time FAVORITE thing to get late night... and if you saw the size of my britches, you'd know that was the truth.
Here's a weight watchers replica that's only 4pts on the WW scale!

Um delish.
Less than 50 cals per cookie.
Shut the front door.

This one is perfect to pack for a lunch or say, a picnic *coughJOHNcough*
Cucumber, skinny cow cheese, tortillas, and turkey.
Gimme dat!

Apple. Nachos.
No other explanation needed.

Turkey lettuce wraps.
I actually made this one for John and I one night.
It got 4 thumbs up.

And because it's boring to eat healthy all the time...

Mac & Cheese grilled cheese. 
Get. In. My. Belly.

You can click on any of the pictures to take you to the recipes of all of these delish dishes!
Do you follow me on Pinterest?! Click the button at the top right to see all of the fun things I got goin on over there.

And now a message from Cash,


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

please don't hate me after you read this post...

Please don't hate me.
Because you're probably going to be super jealous of how I spent my weekend.
(kidding. kind of.)
But I have an excuse... 
It was my birthday!!
And I was SPOILED like no ones business.

Lets recap the weekend!

Friday (birthday eve)
John had to be out of town most of last week so he was able to work from home on Friday! What a treat! We went to my FAVORITE sandwich place, Jimmy Johns for lunch, and then took Cash to the boneyard dog park/bar before heading out to a fun dinner with friends at a local Mexican restaurant.
The girls:
 Then this happened:
The waiter smashed whipped cream in my face.  No big deal.

Saturday (birthday!!!):
I was woken up by Cash licking my face (typical) at about 6am.
So I got up and John made me a delish breakfast and surprised me with this:
MK Purse for the win!!
Oh, and in case you're wondering...this is my gross morning-no-makeup-face.
Sorry 'bout it.
After we ate, we took Cash to a big dog park where he played and swam and made lots of puppy friends.
John kept telling me all day "We have an appointment at 1 so don't make plans"
Well I wasn't planning on making plans for my birthday so that was perfect.
So 1pm rolls around and we're in the car headed to destination unknown....
what was the destination you ask?! about a hour and a half MASSAGE!!!!
What, what!
Oh, and just to top it off... while I was being rubbed down, he took my car and had it detailed.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

So after I was relaxed to no end, we hung out the rest of the afternoon until I had to get ready for our dinner reservations.
He took me to Perry's Steakhouse.

He searched for a restaurant that had Ahi Tuna because a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I haven't had it in a while and it is seriously my favorite...
Nom nom nom nom...

After dinner we met with friends and partied the night away until 3am!

If you've been with me for a the past couple of posts you know that I've been seriously dreading turning 25... well I must say, after this weekend and everyone making my day so special, I've got a new attitude about my quarter century birthday.

This year's gonna be a good one, ya'll! I can feel it!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

aaand, I'm still talkin 'bout my birthday

I was trying to think of something cute or clever to write about today, but the truth is I've got one thing on my mind...and it's my birthday.

So keeping with the theme of this week, lets talk about how I've celebrated my birthday so far!

Monday John had to go out to the field for work so Cash and I packed up and headed back to the 'rents house to celebrate my 25 years on this Earth.
Momma and Papa bear took me on a DELISH dinner date to Superior Steak House in Shreveport.
(Fun Fact: Superior was featured in the Ashton Kutcher movie "The Guardian" which leaves me to believe that I may or may not have sat in the same chair as Ashton.)
Like, words can't describe.

I never order steak when I go to a restaurant, so this was an extra special treat!
Sorry I'm not sorry I practically licked the plate clean.
Then they brought out a cute birthday treat! 

It was SUCH a good meal and time to spend with the fam!

Now I'm back in Houston dreading counting the hours until my actual birthday is here.

Tonight I'll be posted up in front of the TV watching my Razorbacks make history and head to the College World Series!!
I think that would be the perfect birthday present :)

Lets go Hogs!! 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This week over the past couple of years...

It's my birfday week!!!

Am I excited?
Can I do anything about it?
Will I party like it's 1999?
You bet.

I've been SO blessed to have some amaaaazing birthday celebrations over the past couple of years.
Like, amazing.
And because, I'm not doing anything other than crying (kidding. kind of.) for my birthday this year, lets take a little trip down memory lane and visit some happier birthday times.

Let's start with 21:VIVA LAS VEGAS

Celebrating 21 in Las Vegas was probably the highlight of my life.
Best. Birthday. EVER.

Because I've never been one to enjoy growing older, I celebrated my 2nd annual 21st birthday at college in Fayetteville.

This birthday produced some of the funniest pictures of my life.  
Aaand because I sing, the boyfriend had a microphone bday cake made for me.
Such a sweetie.

23: L.A.
I can't believe I got to spend my 3rd annual 21st in LA and Beverly Hills.
So fun!

24: Vegas
because you just can't do Vegas once.

Hmmm... Saturday is the big day.
What will my 5th annual 21st entail?! 
The Good Lord (and possibly John) are the only ones who know.

What was your favorite bday?
Oh, and is it sad that I can't really remember what I did for my birthday before I turned 21? I'm going to assume actually turning 21 has something to do with that.....


Friday, June 15, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Dear HISD, you are driving me to kill, or cry, yeah...mostly cry. You sent me an email yesterday saying basically 'thanks but no thanks' which depressed me and caused me NOT to drink when we went to the turtle races last night.  Do you know how sad you have to be to not drink?! Anyway, this morning you send me another email telling me to register for the next step in the hiring process.  
Stop being bi-poler, HISD. 
You are confusing and I'm just too young for the emotional damage you're causing.

Dear Texas A&M, I realize that I'm pretty much in aggie land living in Houston, but please, get over yourselves.  Last night at SEC Happy hour you showed up in your jerseys and t-shirts like this was a preseason pep-rally. Other than the fact that the most obnoxious of all of you was 46 years old, the disgusted faces and the booing from EVERYONE that wasn't an aggie made me embarrassed for you.
 Your chants and 'gig 'ems makes me want to vom. 
You are in no way yet a part of the SEC.
Take a snap, have a winning season, and then we'll talk.
(btw I have friends that are aggies and I say the same things to their face)

Dear Anyone I just offended, I'm being sarcastic...kind of. But seriously your chants are less than pleasing and that's coming from a person who yells "WOOOOOO PIG SOOIE" at any available opportunity.
Please leave a comment below about how I'm wrong, I'd love to hear it.
Also, I'll be in College Station for the Arkansas game, find me and beat me up.

Dear John, I see you boo thang ;)

Dear Raising Canes that just opened a block from my house, Listen temptress, your delicious fried chicken and special dipping sauce can't and won't overpower me. 
I'm on to your game.

Dear Sarah (aka me), Last night your friends had a conversation about how you 'looked like you would definitely win in a fight.' Probably reevaluate your life. 

Dear Momma and Papa bear, I just can't get enough of you so I'll be seeing you Monday for a couple of days! I can't wait for our birthday date! 

Dear Birthday, I have 7 days to be okay with the fact that you're coming and inducing my 'quarter-life crisis'.  Oh 25, just go away!

Dear Readers, If you're still reading after this very weird and out of character post (sorry a&m) I lurve you and am so glad you're here!! 




Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Loves!

Hey ya'll!
It's Wednesday, so you know what that means!
I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle!
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{I'm Loving} the treadmill.
Yes you read that right.
You see, I've been getting very discouraged lately with my running.  I have been taking Cash for a run/ walk everyday for the past couple of weeks and everyday I would return home feeling like I was about to die.
Yesterday it came a tsunami in good 'ol Houston town, so I decided to go run on the treadmill instead.
Game changer.
I ran 3/4 of a mile without stopping and I felt great!
Turns out, running in 90+ temperatures is not easy and not a great way to start out training.
Watch out world, I might be a runner after all!

{I'm Loving} that Dallas comes on tonight!

So what that I wasn't alive when this show first aired.
Jessie Metcalfe, Josh Henderson?
Say no more, I'm there.
And who doesn't love a good 'ol southern oil rivalry?

{I'm Loving} that boyfriend picked up some sushi and flowers last night 'just because'.

he's a keeper, let me tell ya.

{I'm Loving} new opportunities that lie ahead! It's been over a week since my teaching interview and I still haven't heard anything.
So I call this morning to see if I just didn't make the cut or what, turns out they're having some technical difficulties getting emails out and I definitely will hear something by Friday.
I'm glad there's still a chance, but they better figure it out soon, I've got trips to plan! 

{I'm Loving} my Pinterest finds

This website lets you pick items that are currently in your fridge/pantry and creates recipes from it.

Love the colors!

Ron Swanson, so wise.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

and of course as always
{I'm Loving} my boys
this picture was the most forced situation of all time.

Have a great Wednesday!