Thursday, September 27, 2012

when a sting ray bombs your photo...

I've got nothing for you today.
My head is overrun with excitement that my bffaeaeaeaeae (that's 5 'and evers' if your wondering) is coming TODAY!
Let the angels rejoice! 
So in leu of some amazing words of wisdom or sarcastic banter, here's a picture that's made me laugh all. day. long.
What would you do if a sting ray photo bombed your vacay with your sister friends?
I would probably react like the middle girl, then see his cute little face and want to put him in my pocket.
Um, can sting rays actually STING you? 
Is that a stupid question?
Oh well, the picture is hilarious and that's all that matters.
I'm out for the week/weekend doing friend stuffs.
Have a good one, loves!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I can't lie to ya'll...

I've been in a funk.
And not the fun 70s disco kind.

Let me paint a picture of my life right now, here we go:
Currently, I'm sitting on my couch with approximately 3 piles of unfolded laundry surrounding me on all sides.  I have a 100lb dog lying on top of my feet snoring and creating the most inhumane smells I've ever come across.
If you look across the way, you can see 3 sacks full of brand new cleaning supplies.  These were bought on Monday because I promised myself I'd clean Tuesday. 
Then Tuesday I promised myself I'd clean today.
Then today, I cried a little and realized I am NOT my mothers child and there's not a bone in my body that has the will to clean.
How can I hate clutter, dust, and dog hair while simultaneously hating cleaning clutter, dust, and dog hair? 
Then I look over at John and wonder why filthyness doesn't bother him.
He just shrugs and says "it's not that bad".
When tumbleweeds of dog hair dance across the room every time you walk by... IT'S BAD. 
So, I'm cleaning TONIGHT. 
No excuses.
Because tomorrow, my sister from another mister is coming to visit!
and I don't need her to think my life has fallen to shambles like it has.

And now, for no reason at all, here are some pictures of my beautiful puppy children. 
Oscar lives for dove hunts.  Look at him frolic.

Cash loves swimming in smelly dirty Bayou water!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Sarah... you're not in college anymore.

This past weekend was spent living like a Freshman at my first love, the University of Arkansas.  
I would like to write a few letters to some of the things I encountered.

Dear Freshman girls who think it's okay to wear cut off mom jeans like it's 1973, It's not. You look ridiculous. And all of the guys agree... I asked them. 
Dear college student at the bar who asked if I was in one of his classes, I don't know if you were serious or if that was the greatest old lady pick up line of all time, but yes, of course I'm in that lecture class with you. 

Dear Razorback Football, you're killing me, smalls.  That was the worst game ever. LITERALLY. My little heart can't take another beating.  For the love of all things Holy please win against Rutgers tomorrow.... but I'll still love you no matter what.

Dear cold, rainy weather, thank you SO much for sticking around all weekend and making me look a hot mess.  

Dear University of Arkansas, 6 years and tens of thousands of dollars later... I finally have my name on the senior walk (twice)! Thank you!!
ps. pay no attention to the shoes that are no longer on my feet in this picture. 

 Dear Sarah (aka me), yes... you look like you're 18. Yes, you still get carded at R-rated movies. But girlfriend, probably start realizing that you're 25 and it's not okay to frolic through campus barefoot then go jump in the union fountain at 3am.
Just kidding... stay young, sweetheart!
Dear John, thank you for the amazing Anniversary week celebration! From skydiving to drowning our sorrows over the Razorbacks, I'm so glad I got to spend it with you! 
You da bestest.

Dear You (yes you right there), thank you so much for stopping by! I've been noticeably MIA because of work and lets be honest laziness. 
I love you all! 

Have a great weekend lovlies!
Be blessed! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 years ago

I'm currently heading up to cheer on my hogs this weekend, but while I'm out I thought I'd leave you with a fun little story.

4 years ago, I decided to go to a sorority date function.
The theme was "draft a date" and you were given about 12 hours notice to find a date and "draft" them, then dress up in some sports gear and head to the party. 
My bff (who was in the sorority with me) and I decided to skip the whole 'trying to find a guy' part and 'draft' each other because we'd obviously  have more fun that way.
So we thought to ourselves "what would be the most ridiculous sport to dress up for?"
Cue- Ping Pong players in the style of the "Royal Tenebaums"

Uncanny, right?

I mean... perfection.

No words. 

After pre-gaming at my friends apartment, we all headed to the function and typical of me I headed straight to the bar before hitting the dance floor.
I semi-noticed some guy already at the bar but paid him no attention.
He asked if I wanted a drink.
Well obviously, that's why I'm here... so he bought me a drink and another one after that...and then maybe a couple of shots... and then I don't really remember the rest but this picture was taken.
Cute leg pop, girl!
Thanks, Party pics.
*side note* our full "how we met" story is so ridiculous that only a few people know it...
So... 4 years ago,  I met my love, John.
At a date function.
When he was not my date.
Oh, the scandal!
I kid, but seriously, how random?!

The rest is history! 
Happy 4 years baby!
Here's to many many more!

ps. he got me these roses on Tuesday since we're out of town this weekend
Biggest bouquet I've EVER seen... there are even rose petals floating in the vase.
I mean... 
I think he's a keeper.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wednesday love

If you knew me, you'd know that I hate talking on the phone.
It makes me anxious, my voice gets super shakey, and I completely forget anything I'm supposed to say.
I may or may not be known for sending your call to voicemail and then texting you "what's up?!"
Yeah. I'm that girl.
So this week has not been the best when I was given 60+ names to cold call and invite to our next event.
People are rude, and that's all I'll say about that.

Anyways, enough with the hate...let's talk about what I'm loving!
I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle.
Come play along!
{I'm Loving} that today is my Friday.

{I'm Loving} that tomorrow I'll be leavin on a jet plane back up to the 'ol alma mater to cheer on my Razorbacks!

{I'm Loving} that I'll be tailgating like there's no tomorrow.

{I'm Loving} that I'll be reunited with my other half!

{I'm Loving} that I did THIS on Saturday.

{I'm Loving} that this is the reaction I got from my mother

{I'm Loving} my pinterest finds


So cute

I want to do this!!


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I hope ya'll have a great day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

now I know why birds, but seriously.

If you read Friday's post you would remember that I alluded to a very special surprise I had for John on Saturday.
I wasn't going to tell John what we were doing until we pulled up to the actual surprise, but I thought that I better give him some time to process what we were getting ready to do so I surprised him Saturday morning with breakfast and this little note:

Perfect, right?!

We dropped of Cash at a friends for the day and then headed to Skydive Spaceland Houston to jump out of an airplane like a couple of  crazy people.

After taking an instructional course and waiting for about 2 hours, it was time for us to head up to the sky!

Cute hair, girl.


Seriously, the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life.
John jumped out right before I did, and honestly the scariest part of the entire thing was watching him basically being sucked out of the side of the airplane.

Here's a video of my jump from beginning to end! 

Here's John

I think I got some cool girlfriend points this weekend, what do you think?

Friday, September 7, 2012

dear everyone i've neglected for the past week

Dear Readers: I'm so sorry for the neglect of this little blog. I wish I could say I had a good reason. Do you ever let your DVR record so many shows that you feel overwhelmed by the amount of recorded tv you need have to watch? That's how I felt about the blog for the past couple of days.

Dear Momma Bear: I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I miss you already.

Dear "Out of Office" Email bounce backs: Get over yourself.  I just sent an email to over 1000 people inviting them to our event.  I also just got 254 (and counting) automatic 'out of office' replies.  
My iPhone WILL NOT STOP BUZZING and I want to throw it against the wall. 

Dear weird smell in my house: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let your awful smell go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Dear Jesus: Please help me on Saturday during my surprise anniversary gift for John.  
Dear you wondering what the surprise is: You'll just have to wait until Monday!

Dear Razorback football: I love you.  I may also die early because of the heart problems you cause me.  

Dear John: You're hot.
This should be an album cover. 
Get excited for tomorrow! Pretty sure I'm going to be even more cool after this gift.  
Because I'm already the coolest. 

Happy weekend! I'll talk to ya Monday...if Saturday doesn't kill me :)