Friday, January 20, 2012

If God Brings Ya To it....

Can I just say "Thank GOODNESS" this week is O-V-E-R?

After the awfulness that was my life being stolen, I spent the next day trying to get everything back which may have been just as awful.
Running all over town trying to get a Social Security card, car registration, license plates, and drivers license when your only ID is a passport is no fun.
In fact, it's miserable.
But, with strength from the good Lord, it's all done and behind me and I'm ready for next week and new beginnings!

John and I are headed to Momma and Papa bears to retrieve this little guy and bring him home to Houston!
So excited to have big man with me! There are so many fun parks and bars/restaurants that allow dogs in Houston and I can't wait to show him off.

I finally get cable and internet at my house Monday AND I have a phone interview for an awesome job! I don't want to give too much away and jinks myself, but I had two face to face interviews yesterday that went AMAZE so they sent my stuff to the corporate office and set up a phone interview with the district manager.  
Pray, pray, pray!
I'm super excited about this opportunity and (lets be honest) I need some good news after the horror of this week! 

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend! I don't know about the weather where you live, but it's sunny and 75 here in the middle of January...insanity.
So get out and enjoy it if you can!!


Holly said...

YAY for some good news to the end of your horrible week!! Keep us updated on the job, missy :)

Amber said...

So sorry to hear about your bad week. Keep your head up girl. I'm sure you will rock your phone interview . :)