Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

So I'm off on another weekend adventure with my bests in good 'ol Hot Springs! 
I can't wait to lake it up, have a few cold ones, and reminisce on good times! I also just made a KILLER playlist of awesome oldies that will for sure be shouted from the boat deck!
I. Can't. Wait.

But before I go... You know I have to link up with Lauren @ the little things we do for 
1.   One thing that is completely superfluous, but that I could never give up is reality TV.  It's a sad sad thing for me to admit, but I am hooked and I don't remember what life was like before it....embarrassing.

2.  Pretty much me in my everyday life... makes me feel awkward.

3.  I can't leave the house without, my cell phone.

4.  Greek Yogurt  is my favorite snack.

5.  Lately I've been very motivated! The end of this year is going to be amazing...I can just feel it!

6.  If at first you don't succeed pray about it because God has a reason! 

7.  Fall is football, boots, scarves, and the return of ..... PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!!! 

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend! 
Enjoy the end of the summer because before long it'll be freezing and we'll be wishing we had it back! 


M.R. said...

i hear ya on the reality tv!!!

Eliza Jane said...

Sadly, I love reality tv, too. Esepcially "Bachelor Pad" right now.

Catherine said...

oh i totally forgot about pumpkin spice latte! wa-hoo!

Tiffany said...

new follower from fill in the blank friday!

these pumpkin spice lattes must be the shizzz cause everyone is so excited about them!

Kristina said...

PUMPKIN SPICE! Almost the best part of fall. I get so sad when it disappears in december from Starbucks and DD!

Ashlyn said...

so jealous. i would love to go to the lake this weekend. have a blast with your bfs! :] & i totally agree reality is so superfluous but i can't live with out it! & i love your #6. & mmhm. great minds things alike on #7! haha

have a great weekend girl.
love your blog btw.

xoxo. ashlyn

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Ok so I am loving your blog today :) I am super excited about the pumpkin spiced latte yummy! I will be sad to see it go in December :(another year of waitin after that... & what is greek yogurt? I have heard people talk about it but never knew quite what it was,is it like a normal yogurt?

Amy Rene said...

I always triple check to make sure I have my cell with me whenever I leave anywhere. totally agree with that!

{I've got a giveaway going on & would love to see you there!}