Monday, November 28, 2011

Just stopping by

Hello Friends! 
Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving?

Are your pants fitting a little bit tighter today?

Are you still washing the MACE out of your eyes from psycho black friday escapades?

If you're bored at work trying to figure out how it's already Christmas time and wondering what to get yourself that one family member that you just can't figure out, head on over to Ideeli today!

They have great "cyber Monday" sales everyday! 

Today they're featuring something that's been on my Christmas list for a while now
Too cute, right?!

You better believe the boyfriend has already been sent a link to this deal!

Do you need an invite?! Click HERE and join in on the fun!


Cassie said...

One of these is on my Christmas list...and I better get it! I LOVE these and have been watching them for months now!

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