Monday, November 21, 2011

oh my word...

Well hello there, strangers!
Remember me?
I'm Sarah, the little blogger who has been MIA for a good while now.
But now I'm baaaaack and I guess I'll give ya a little run down on what in the world I've been doing:

1. I FOUND A HOUSE!!! I've been in Houston for the past 2 weeks trying to find that perfect place for me and my four legged child.  After searching and stressing, I finally found the cutest little place that is absolutely perfect! It's about 10mins from the bf, has a big back yard for the pups, and is across the street from a park with running trails and a fenced in dog park.  Hallelujah, the good Lord answers prayers! Move in date is January 5 and I can't wait to show you all pictures!! 

2. While I was looking for a house, I was also getting to spend much needed quality time with the boyfran.  We got to be together for 2 whole weeks which depressingly is the most time we've got to spend together in almost A YEAR!! On December 17 it will officially be one year that we've been long distance...gross.  I can't wait to move on down to H-town and be reunited with my boo!

3. I've been watching my 15lb (and I'm not being generous with that weight, he's just big boned) weenie dog terrorize my 100lb (not being generous either) lab:
without a doubt, every time I walk outside, my little ankle biter chases poor sweet Cash off of the porch and around the house.  Cash thankfully just thinks Oscar is playing with him, but I know Oscars true motives...can we say jealousy issues?!

4. I've been watching my Razorbacks overtake college football!! Okay, we're #3 in the country so maybe we haven't taken over just yet, but Friday we play LS-WHO down in Death Valley.  I'm also sad to report that our Razorback family lost a player this weekend.  So lets do it for #88 guys.  Take down LSU and bring on a National Championship!!

So there you have it friends!
I hope you all have a happy Monday!
It's turkey week... remember everything you're thankful for!!

All my love,


Lauren said...

love the quote! So sad of the circumstances! Beat LSU! :)

Inna xoxo said...

So glad your back!!
And im beyondddd jealous of you! I CANT WAIT until i can move atleasttt within driving distance of my bf! Since wev been dating, i havent been able to spend more than tops 5 days with him :( LAME!

xoxo Inna :)
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