Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Sarah... you're not in college anymore.

This past weekend was spent living like a Freshman at my first love, the University of Arkansas.  
I would like to write a few letters to some of the things I encountered.

Dear Freshman girls who think it's okay to wear cut off mom jeans like it's 1973, It's not. You look ridiculous. And all of the guys agree... I asked them. 
Dear college student at the bar who asked if I was in one of his classes, I don't know if you were serious or if that was the greatest old lady pick up line of all time, but yes, of course I'm in that lecture class with you. 

Dear Razorback Football, you're killing me, smalls.  That was the worst game ever. LITERALLY. My little heart can't take another beating.  For the love of all things Holy please win against Rutgers tomorrow.... but I'll still love you no matter what.

Dear cold, rainy weather, thank you SO much for sticking around all weekend and making me look a hot mess.  

Dear University of Arkansas, 6 years and tens of thousands of dollars later... I finally have my name on the senior walk (twice)! Thank you!!
ps. pay no attention to the shoes that are no longer on my feet in this picture. 

 Dear Sarah (aka me), yes... you look like you're 18. Yes, you still get carded at R-rated movies. But girlfriend, probably start realizing that you're 25 and it's not okay to frolic through campus barefoot then go jump in the union fountain at 3am.
Just kidding... stay young, sweetheart!
Dear John, thank you for the amazing Anniversary week celebration! From skydiving to drowning our sorrows over the Razorbacks, I'm so glad I got to spend it with you! 
You da bestest.

Dear You (yes you right there), thank you so much for stopping by! I've been noticeably MIA because of work and lets be honest laziness. 
I love you all! 

Have a great weekend lovlies!
Be blessed! 


Courtney*Cakes said...

I just drove through Arkansas!!! I absolutely fell in love wit Fort Smith... I didn't fall in love with the Razorback's, sadly.

The Pink Growl said...

Looking like you're still 18 is a GREAT problem to have! :) Happy weekend!

R said...

I get carded ALL the time and I'm 29...I guess that will be a good thing when I'm really old! Ha!

Lauren said...

Ah! Love your jewelry! and that leopard outfit/dress. You are too cute!

Courtney @ The Wags Daily said...

I went back to my alma mater a few weeks ago and ended up walking barefoot too!!..... but I didnt get in a fountain! {probably because there were no fountains around, or i would have!}

Meg {henninglove} said...

happy belated anniversary! don't worry i am 28 and get carded all the time, ugh, oh well at least i don't look 50