Thursday, September 27, 2012

when a sting ray bombs your photo...

I've got nothing for you today.
My head is overrun with excitement that my bffaeaeaeaeae (that's 5 'and evers' if your wondering) is coming TODAY!
Let the angels rejoice! 
So in leu of some amazing words of wisdom or sarcastic banter, here's a picture that's made me laugh all. day. long.
What would you do if a sting ray photo bombed your vacay with your sister friends?
I would probably react like the middle girl, then see his cute little face and want to put him in my pocket.
Um, can sting rays actually STING you? 
Is that a stupid question?
Oh well, the picture is hilarious and that's all that matters.
I'm out for the week/weekend doing friend stuffs.
Have a good one, loves!


Crissy B. said...

LOL all their faces are priceless!

Anonymous said...

That picture is great! I would probably have made a crazy face like that too if it were me.

Jamie said...

This picture is hilarious!

bailey j said...

Lol this actually really creeped me out!

& tthey can sting (and no I dont think thats a stupid question lol). I think that's how Steve Irwin died lol