Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I can't lie to ya'll...

I've been in a funk.
And not the fun 70s disco kind.

Let me paint a picture of my life right now, here we go:
Currently, I'm sitting on my couch with approximately 3 piles of unfolded laundry surrounding me on all sides.  I have a 100lb dog lying on top of my feet snoring and creating the most inhumane smells I've ever come across.
If you look across the way, you can see 3 sacks full of brand new cleaning supplies.  These were bought on Monday because I promised myself I'd clean Tuesday. 
Then Tuesday I promised myself I'd clean today.
Then today, I cried a little and realized I am NOT my mothers child and there's not a bone in my body that has the will to clean.
How can I hate clutter, dust, and dog hair while simultaneously hating cleaning clutter, dust, and dog hair? 
Then I look over at John and wonder why filthyness doesn't bother him.
He just shrugs and says "it's not that bad".
When tumbleweeds of dog hair dance across the room every time you walk by... IT'S BAD. 
So, I'm cleaning TONIGHT. 
No excuses.
Because tomorrow, my sister from another mister is coming to visit!
and I don't need her to think my life has fallen to shambles like it has.

And now, for no reason at all, here are some pictures of my beautiful puppy children. 
Oscar lives for dove hunts.  Look at him frolic.

Cash loves swimming in smelly dirty Bayou water!


Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I completely understand. I have many, many days like this. Oh who am I kidding, weeks... months! Hope that funk fades soon!
Btw, adorable puppy children.

Crissy B. said...

You totally sound like me and my constant war with making myself clean. I love things to be clean, and I'm in a better mood when things are in order. I just HATE to do it. Constant struggle!