Monday, February 13, 2012

It's all a waiting game

Happy Monday, ya'll!
It's a rainy gross day here in Houston, but hopefully all of the rain will be outta here tomorrow because I'm SURE John has some major v-day plans in the works......

But that's tomorrow...this is today, and today this girl had a BIG interview!

I was there for almost 2 hours talking to different people in the office.
I'm taking that as a good sign.
I don't want to give too much away and get my hopes up, but this job is AWESOME and something I'd be so excited to get up and go to every morning.

So if you pray which you probably should keep me in your thoughts!

On another note...
Can we all just stop for a minute and collect ourselves over how AMAZING and GORGEOUS Adele was at the Grammy's last night?!
I'd KILL to be her.

And can we all agree how tacky/ WRONG this one is
Um...excuse me?! No Ma'am.

I used to like you Nicki... now I think you're worse than Gaga...and that is saying a lot.

And I can't talk about the Grammy's without mentioning the loss of the amazing Whitney Houston.
Such a talent gone far far too soon.

I dare you to watch that without getting goosebumps.  

I hope you all have an amazing Monday!


Holly said...

Totally praying that you get the job!!! I think that's a great sign you were there so long :)

Adele rocks in every way possible. She's just fabulous.

Nicki will never be like Gaga....and she just proved it last night with that awful getup. Blech.

I love Whitney...she's for sure going to be missed!

Crissy B. said...

Totally agree on the Nicki Minaj thing. Her performance was AWFUL. What was she thinking?

Katie said...

I cannot even put into words how phenomenally amazing and beautiful Adele was/is!!! It didn't even look like her at first! She is ah-mah-zing!!!

Lauren said...

I completely agree! Nicki's performance was so tacky!

Good luck on the job! Keep us updated!