Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do You March Madness?!

Let me start off by being completely honest.

I could care less about basketball.  
I am and always will be a Football and Baseball girl.

Why you ask?

Because basketball players aren't attractive.

There, I said it.

But, because it's March, and because I'm American, I like everyone else I know filled out a bracket for March Madness.  
Now, how did I fill out a bracket without knowing anything about the teams such as records, conferences, etc...?

Did I do extensive amounts of research? NO
Did I ask John which teams I should choose? NO
Did I cheat and copy a professionals bracket? NOPE

So what did I do?

I chose each team based on which mascot could kill the other.
don't judge me

This turned out to be one of the most hilarious brackets I've ever done.
Let me tell you there are some STRANGE mascots out there.

**DISCLAIMER: If you go or went to one of the schools I'm going to talk about, I'm not trying to offend you,  but your mascot is weird. You should already know that.  Lets face it, my college mascot was a ferrel pig.  We can all laugh about that one**

So here we go, first up:
1. West Kentucky "Big Red"
um...okay, looks like a life size muppet. 

2. Wichita St "WuShock"
This may be the most terrifying of them all. Looks like a giant french fry with arms. And what in the WORLD is a 'wushock'?!

3. Xavier "Blue Blob"
Xavier has two mascots.  This one is just so silly.

4. Syracuse "Otto the Orange"
Your mascot is a fruit.  Congratulations.

5. Wisconsin "Badger"
I have this one going pretty far in the tournament because, lets be honest, honey badger don't care.

So those are just a few of the strange mascots that made it into the tournament this year.  
I picked the Memphis Tigers to take it all because in my mind, Tigers can destroy anything.
Sorry, I'm not sorry.

And just because we're on the subject of weird mascots, I'll go ahead and show you my alma mater's pride and joy
Meet the Arkansas Razorbacks!!
Sue. E, Big Red, Boss Hog, Ribby, and Pork Chop

So strange, and yet, so proud!

What was your college/ high school mascot?

Bet it wasn't as unique as these!!

Good luck to you if you're playing along with March Madness!
I hope I get at least one right... haha :)


Ashleigh said...

HAHA! Amazing! How funny...we played the BIG RED blob (I went to LSU) and we had a field day with their mascot.

Go SEC teams!


Lauren said...

I too am a Football/Baseball girl! This is so funny that you chose your bracket based on the mascots! Love it! :)

Kristen Danielle said...

This totally just made my day! :) Haha. I'm passing this on and telling my boyfriend. He'll get a kick out of it! :)

Holly said...

Hahahaha I love this. I had my brother pick my's the first time I'm doing one. I'm wayyyy more of a baseball girl, but it's fun to play along :)

Holly said...

And the mascots from all my schools are a Purple Raider (like a fighting guy??), a Viking, and a Pirate (high school). Also, Ohio State is a talking Buckeye...seriously?! LOL whatever