Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tuesday randoms

I just got back from another long walk with puppy Cash.  We decided to make a pit stop at the dog park because there was a lonely puppy playing in there and Cash wanted to make a friend...
So, a particular puppy who doesn't necessarily enjoy baths had to have a SERIOUS bath today.

And now he's all clean and passed out on his bed.

Life is good.

Last night John and I went to go see Zac Brown Band at Rodeo Houston
They aren't my favorites, but I like a few of their songs like "Cold as Winter" and "Free".  However, they brought down the entire house with their rendition of "Devil Went Down to Georgia"... their fiddle player is amazing!
This is from the CMA Awards, but I think they may have even done it better last night!
They also got a standing ovation from singing "America the Beautiful" before jumping into "Chicken Fried".  
I must say, I was impressed.

Tonight we're heading to see my girl Miranda Lambert!
So excited.
Girlfriend lives my dream life.

Hope ya'll are having a great week so far! 

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So Simply Chic said...

New follower! I love your blog :) looks like your dog had such a fun time playing in the mud!