Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm loving!

Link up with Jamie and Michelle for some Wednesday funs!
{I'm Loving} Country Music!
Over the past couple of weeks I've seen Luke Bryan, Eli Young Band, Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band, and last night I got to see my girl Miranda Lambert at the Houston Rodeo!
She is now by far my favorite.  I used to be pretty even between her and my other girl, Carrie Underwood, but after seeing Miranda live, I'll have to say she takes the cake.
Like, I'm saying her and I could be besties.
We might be the same person.
During the show, she started to introduce her song "Just like you, only prettier" and she said:
"Because I'm blonde, the entertainment industry expects me to look a certain way.  They want me to weigh 100 pounds, and I don't.  I like cold beer and chicken fried steak."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

{I'm Loving} daylight savings time!
I'll admit it was rough at first, but I'll take those dark mornings for sunlight at night in a heartbeat.

{I'm Loving} what I've been pinning on Pinterest!

These are so cute for wedding favors!

I have the shirt, I need colored denim in my life.

IN LOVE with this bed

I love this skirt!!!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Skinny girl crab cakes! Click the pic for the recipe!

Bacon, guac grilled cheese... okayyyyy

I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!!
What are you loving today?!


Tyah Ferguson said...

Found ya on WILW!! LOVE LOVE that bed!! AND country music! So jealous of all the fabulous people you got to see! Happy Wednesday!

Lauren said...

I am going to see Miranda this summer and I absolutely cannot wait! :) I'm glad you enjoyed her in concert!

JJ said...

so jealous you got to see Miranda live! she's so great live. I've yet to hear Carrie live. Luke Bryan is so amazing live.

Ashley said...

I love that bedding. It's so fresh and different. I love that quote from Miranda! Couldn't have said it better myself. you go girl!

Heather said...

I'm thinking we have a lot in common. Seriously. I saw Miranda a couple weeks ago & quoted the same thing in my blog. You should check it out. Too funny.

Kristen Danielle said...

I just stumbled upon your blog from Michelle's Pinterest link-up. From the sounds of it... you live in or near Houston?? You mentioned seeing all of the bands that recently played at the Houston rodeo so I took a guess. I'm a Houston girl as well! :)

I seriously love every one of your pins! The peach and tan bedding is screaming my name... if only I could convince my boyfriend to go for it! :)

New follower! :)

Holly said...

Ok so if that was my bed, I would never get up in the morning!

Dropping by from WILW!

Ashleigh said...

Hey hey hey! From a fellow Texan~

I love everything you just posted! How big are Eli Young Band getting now?! I used to see them right out of high school...they ROCK! And of course, love me some Miranda...hope I get to see her soon!


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Erin O'Riordan said...

Hooray for cold beer and chicken fried steak!

sophistifunk said...

i love the coral jeans!