Friday, April 20, 2012

Fitness Friday

So about 3 weeks ago I joined the good 'ol YMCA because summer is coming fast and my waistline was extending faster.
I mean, Houston has been voted the FATTEST CITY IN THE COUNTRY for the past 4 years!

This explains a lot. 

I've been working out about 5-6 times a week so I thought what better way for me to calculate my progress and make a food diary than put it on my blog!

So here we go...
Lets call this little journey:

This week I've been feeling a little less than excited about heading to the gym.
Like I've said, I've been working out consistently for 3 weeks and am seriously seeing no results.

Like, I've lost a pound.

Not encouraging. 

But what's keeping me going is the fact that I'll be  older than dirt 25 in two short months, and ya'll,  I need to look my best while having a complete quarter life crisis melt down.
It's going to happen.

So I'mma keep on keeping on and see where this takes me.

As for workouts, I'm a HUGE fan of taking classes at the gym.
I get super bored when I work out by myself, and taking classes also pushes me to have better form and do more reps because, hello, there are 20 other people in the class that are watching.

This week in workouts:
(I also walk Cash for an hour everyday)
Monday: BodyPump (full body weightlifting class using hand weights, bar, step, and body weight)
Tuesday: Cardio (20min on elliptical, 10min stair climber) 30mins of Abs
Wednesday: Day of rest.  Even God needed one.
Thursday: Cardio (20min elliptical, 10min stair climber), Body Pump, Abs
Friday: Cardio (30mins elliptical, 15mins stair climber, 15mins bike)
Saturday: Body Pump or Spin (haven't decided yet)
Sunday: Another day of rest...I'm only human ya'll!

This week for dinner:
(I usually have tuna and share baby carrots with Cash for lunch... exciting)
Monday: had NO groceries, ate a tuna melt
Tuesday: finally went to the grocery store, but still ate some Sushi we picked up
Wednesday: Finally a good meal! Chicken Rollitini with Spinach
you can go here for the recipe. 
Ya'll, with all of that Cheesy's only 200cals per chicken breast.
Can I get an amen?
Thursday: Hamburger
Friday: Hmm...not sure yet, but probably eating out with some friends
Weekend: I'll let ya know next Friday

So now that you know my routine and diet plan, why in the world are the pounds falling off?!

I think the good Lord keeps me from getting to my goal weight because he knows I'd walk around looking like this
or this
sorry I'm not sorry?

Ugh...oh well.  Here's to keepin on keepin on!
2 months... I think I can, I think I can...


A "cheery" disposition said...

ha your cute! Good luck in the losing weight and at least your doing it the healthy way so you won't gain it back. Tips I learned to losing weight fast, working out in the morning before you eat, making sure you eat breakfast to keep your body burning food the rest of the day and drinking lots and lots of water. Hope that helps a little ... now if i can just take my own advice and go work out :)

Lisa said...

Man 90s Britney had a banging body!! Love this post, you can definitely do it!!

Diana said...

Good job workingout 5-6 days a week! I do that too :) Love fitness post!