Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Nonsense

 As always, I'm feeling super random.
Like there are a million different things traveling around in the 'ol noggin.
Lets discuss these things, shall we?

~John is out of town for work and I misses him!
(yes I said misses on purpose)
Hopefully he gets to come home Today and then we can head off for a wonderful Easter weekend!

~Last night was the One Tree Hill series finale. about a tear jerker.
Good thing John wasn't home to make fun of me crying over this.
I couldn't believe that this show had been on for NINE YEARS, and that I've been watching it from the beginning.
So if we do some simple math, I've been watching this since I was um, 15?!
I don't even remember being 15.
So so long ago.
Well, nine years to be exact. 
It was such a great show and now I have no reason to turn on the TV Wednesday nights.
Well, I'm sure I'll find some reason to turn it on, but you get what I'm sayin.

~Dear creepy men who honk and hollar at me while I'm walking my 100lb dog,
No. That in no way makes me want you.
No. Your 1992 Toyota Corolla does not do it for me.
Yes. You do come across as creepy.
Yes. I will sick my dog on you if you ever decide to stop.
No. My dog would never hurt a fly, but you don't know that. 
In conclusion, you're creepy, theres a 98% chance you're missing 75-80% of your teeth, and I already have a man (with all of his teeth, thank you).
Go honk your horn somewhere else.

~Last night, after One Tree Hill, I decided to up my IQ a couple of points by watching a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras.
If I ever have a daughter, bet her first phrase will be "honey boo boo child".
Believe dat.
This show also reminded me that I need a spray tan...or any tan for that matter.

If you can't tone it, tan it! 

Well I think thats about enough for now.

Ya'll are probably thinking I've lost my mind.
And seeing as the most intelligent conversation I've had all week has been with dog, maybe I have.

Tomorrow is Good Friday!
Do something GOOD!

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LL550 said...

OTH was definitely a tear jerker! I loved all the throw backs!!!