Monday, May 21, 2012

since we last spoke...

Happy Monday party people!
I am so excited to get this week over with and spend the upcoming Memorial weekend with family and friends! 
 But before we can move forward, lets relive the past.

Here's what went down in my world this weekend:

I made the prettiest grossest tasting pot-pie of all time
Okay, it really wasn't that bad...John even ate it as left overs the next day.
It just wasn't momma's pot-pie, so I wasn't having it.

John became a professional basketball player
See that blur in the center?
That would be my lightening fast Kevin Durant of a boyfriend.

We were giddy children waiting for the Turtle races

I learned that maybe you should clean out your cabinets every once in a while
 Hamburgers anyone?

John tried to pretend Cash was a tiny puppy again

Went out on the town and caught a pretty view of the city lights

Went to see the Astros beat the Rangers!
awful seats :)

The highlight of the weekend HAD to be becoming famous on the Kiss Cam! We were the first ones they put the camera on! It was so funny and random!
I wish I had a picture or video of it because I'm sure we looked ridiculous so cute!

We also went to see the Avengers!
I'll be honest, I am really not into the whole super hero-action-fighting aliens-type movies, but after the first 15 minutes and I actually understood what was happening, I really enjoyed it!!

So there ya have it! 
An eventful past couple of days!



Holly said...

I went to see The Avengers, too! I'm just like you where I don't really like all the super hero type films, but LOVED that movie! And looks like you've had some fun times lately :)

Lisa said...

I also loved the Avengers! And that pot pie looks amazing, I'm sure it wasn't gross!!

Courtney*Cakes said...

Congrats on dating an NBA player... It has it's perks like getting on the kiss cam! :)

Lauren said...

I love that you made that camera! I would always be so scared it put me and some rando guy on it! haha. :)

Lauren said...

what a great weekend. i love going to baseball games and hope i can go to see the dodger's a few times this summer (i am going to a philly's game when we visit the boyfriend's fam over the summer).

...and I just moved and the stuff i found in my cabinets made my head spin!!!

thecoffeehouse said...

"grossest tasting" anything- totally something I would make.
the hamburger buns- something I would do.
the gigantic dog in the lap- that's me right this moment. all 95lbs of him.