Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I need your help!!

Lately I've been rocking this 'doo that would be called 'ombre' by fashonistas. The only difference with my mane is the fact that 'ombre' doesn't look like 'backwards skunk head' and that's pretty much what's happening up top. 
It's not cute.
Not one bit.
So, because John and I are trying to buy a house and because oh this pains me to say I'm trying to save *gasp*
some dolla dolla bills, 
I've decided to look into this ombre look....but done by a profesional...and blonde.
The 'blombre'.
You see my natural hair color is this really dirty dirty blonde color that I changed when I was 12 because I begged my mother to give me BOX highlights which immediately turned that dirty dirty blonde color carrot carrot orange.
It was a DISASTER.
From then on I've been a basic blonde... until I make horrible life decisions and do things like this
Oh don't mind me... just fat and brunett, thats all.
Or this...
This is a color I like to call "a mistake".  This is what happens when you go brown, realize you're an idiot, and have to inch your way back to blonde land.
Which brings us to now... 
basic blonde.
I'm bored... and so help me, if I don't cure my boredom, I'll pull the trigger and go Red.  
I'll do it, I swear.
So to cure my boredom, and prevent the WW3 from within, I'm thinking something like this
or this
See, no skunk head and I won't have to drop $150 bones every 3 months 6 weeks.
So what do ya'll think? 
Is the blombre a hit or a miss?
Also...can we talk about how much weight I carry in my face? 
Help me!


Lauren said...

i think it would be too cute on you! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I think it would look super cute!

Stephany Hyder said...

I can not read one single post without laughing. You are the highlight of my day when I sit down and the toddler is napping. I like your hair blond. I like that other with LC, but you look great as a blond. Let me just tell ya...I am a natural DARK HEAD. I don't know what the color is called because it has so much red in it. But, I look horrible with blonde hair. And, I've had orange hair too. Heaven's help us. I always want to be blonde. And, our little boy has blonde does that happen? HA!
Anywho, I think you should stay blonde. I know you are bored and I am not helping you one single bit. LOL, but I like the blonde.