Tuesday, November 27, 2012

its been a while

Hey from MIA-dom.

I've been on an e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d thanksgiving break, which means I've been o-u-t of the loop and nowhere near a computer.
Which is good every once in a while.  I've enjoyed the past week not doing a dang thing.
It's awesome, ya'll should try it.

But here I am again...back on the grind...back to work...and back to looking for a new job.

When will I ever find a job that's stable?

The company I'm currently *working* for is changing it's business model and is no longer putting on events which kind of limits the work of the EVENT MANAGER!

No matter how hard I try to deny it, it looks like I'm headed to the classroom to teach the young minds of our future.
So watch out world, you have a generation of Hi-larious individuals coming your way.

I'll be back tomorrow to recap my Thanksgiving and stuffs happening in my life!


Lauren said...

You need to be a teacher! It would be so much fun! :)

Holly said...

Bahhaahahaha I love that graphic...best video ever.

P.S. I think you'll rock as a teacher :)