Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh, Friday

Oh, Friday.  
How slow you take to get here and how fast you leave.

Today I'll be out running errands like getting my nails did, washing my car, buying white elephant gifts for a tacky sweater party tomorrow, buying a tacky sweater for a tacky sweater party tomorrow, and buying groceries to make goodies for the tacky sweater party tomorrow...

Did I mention I'm going to a tacky sweater party tomorrow?

Whew, I'm already worn out.

I'm keeping it short and sweet today because this girl has some things to do!
Before I leave you, you know I have to go out with a funny!

A friend from High School asked Wal-Mart to make a non gender specific cake for December birthdays at her work.
This is what they gave her...
Bless their hearts!
(and no that isn't a joke... wal-mart really did make this cake for someone I know)


I hope ya'll have a wonderful Friday!



Southern Sass said...

Hahaha that cake. I believe that for sure! I have seen some funny cakes from Walmart like this on Pinterest, someone should just start a website dedicated to Walmart's cake screwups.

Alexa said...

hahahahahaha the cake! So funny!!!!!

Kenzie Smith said...

I wish I were going to a tacky sweater party! I bet you'll have a blast :D
Love the cake and it's non-gender specifics!