Monday, October 31, 2011

A boot scootin'

Okay ya'll...lets get real for a second.
I'll be the first to admit that I am the hardest on myself when it comes to my appearance.  
I don't know how to take a compliment...ever...but with a lot of therapy and drugs support from the ones I love, I am learning to cope with myself and not care so much what others think.

With that being said... I think I'm a normal size person.
I mean, I could stand to loose a few lbs...but I've lost 20lbs this summer and am pretty content with how my jeans are fitting for the time being.

However, it's fall.
Which means boot season is upon us!
I love boots!
What I don't love?
Boots that won't fit my tree trunks calves!!! 
There is nothing sadder than going into the store, finding the "perfect" boot and trying it on only to have the sales lady say "oh honey, I don't think you could stand to tuck your jeans in there too."
There is nothing worse.
Okay, maybe a sales lady saying something like "bless your heart" when you're trying on a bathing suit would be worse...but ya'll get the idea right?

So sadly... until I have the fat and muscle sucked out of my legs via plastic surgeon, these beautiful Tory Burch boots will have to remain a dream.

Am I alone here?
Do you have muscular calves?

All my love!


Cami said...

My calves aren't that matter how much I try. :( So I'm not help. But those are super cute boots for sure :) Hope you find a perfect pair soon!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Lauren said...

I am a runner (training for a marathon) and boots DO NOT fit over my calves. It is always a pleasant surprise when they do! Have you tried Frye boots?

Allison said...

I haven't been able to find any boots yet that fit over my calfs! Have you measured them? You can try searching for wide calf boots on sites like DSW. Most give the shaft circumference so you can see if they fit. The problem is a lot of "wide calf boots" are only an inch or an inch and a half larger than the regular ones!

Jane said...

I have the same problem! I played soccer, lacrosse, and rode horses when I was younger and the muscular calves have never left. The thing that gets me is I really don't feel live my calves are huge, they are proportionate to the rest of my legs, and I'm fine with my legs. I have found ONE pair that fit, with jeans tucked in. And sadly, they only fit because they are suppose to be loose style and they are tight on me. Sigh. It makes me so sad. I have skinny leg envy, just for the boots.

ArielNicole14 said...

Its gonna sound odd but try plus size stores, I worked at avenue and most of our boots were wider up top, and super cute!