Thursday, October 6, 2011

What would you do?!

So they don't have the slogan "Keep Austin Weird" for nothing.

I just spent the most whirlwind week of my life going from (now get this) Shreveport to Austin, to Houston, to Dallas, to Ft. Worth, to Dallas, to Houston, and back to Shreveport.

Worn out yet??

I have to say though, it was a BLASTTTT!!!!

BUT...this leads me to my next point...Have ya'll ever seen that show on ABC "What Would You Do" where they put unsuspecting people in situations where they have to choose to do the 'right' thing then come out of nowhere with hidden cameras and embarrass them for the rest of their lives?
Yeah, I felt like I was on that show a lot last week...minus the hidden cameras i think.

Sitch #1: 
I was out to dinner with John (yes we're talking again...another post for another time but just know smiles are on my face 24/7) and because this was our first 'date' since he lost his mind and broke up with me and I stopped talking, he had some serious impressing to do.  So, he took me to this super nice restaurant in Austin to be wined and dined.  Dinner was DELISH and we were just finishing up dessert when (ya'll, I'm not kidding) a ROACH ran across the table.
I died.
I literally had to put my fork down and call it a day with the eating.
But just as this roach was making its escape, the waiter came up and started stomping after it.
Can you imagine?!
This was a really nice place too...I mean I guess you can't control where a little bug goes, but dang!!

So...What would you do?! Would you freak and scream and demand your dinner be free or would you politely ask for your check and haul it outta there....we're obviously classy people so we decided to bounce and head down to dirty 6th Street...duh.

Sitch #2:
I needed to fill up my baby tahoe with gas because girlfriend was running on E so I stopped at this gas station close to the hotel I was staying at in Austin to refuel.
I was paying with cash and wasn't sure how much it would take to fill up my big baby so I just gave the clerk a hundy and went back out to fill 'er up.
It took $75 to go from E to F so I went back inside to get my change.
Now I'm sure this gas station clerk was a nice stand up guy, but I'm not going to lie he looked like he had been constantly high for most of his adult life. So I go up to the counter and say 
"I need the change for #2"
"Okay cool, here ya go"

So I grab the money and walk back to pump #2 where my car awaits.  When I get in the car and start putting the $$$ back in my purse I notice that this nice gentleman has not given me the $25 I need, but has given me $ I don't know what kind of math this guy has taken in his life, but I can't figure out where he came up with $85 in change.
So I sat there a minute thinking "wait. what?!" 

So...what would you do?! Would you drive off yelling "SUCKER!!" out your car window then head down to the mall and buy some new shoes or would you go back inside and tell the man to take 2nd grade math over again and learn how to subtract?

I being classy and in all honesty thinking I could be on hidden camera went back inside and the convo went a little like this:
me:"um, you gave me the wrong change"
dude:"oh wow, yeah I did. hahaha"
me:(trying to make this as painless as possible) "I need $25, you gave me $85"
dude: "no way! that would have totes sucked coming outta my paycheck"
me:"yeah I bet"

and then ya'll...I can't make this stuff up...the people that were in line to buy stuff at this gas station started to applaud me.
Not. Kidding.
One girl was like "OMG, you're such a nice person!!" and I was like "yeah, it's called honesty"...and I high tailed it out of there.

This is my life.

I could go on and on with rando stories but I've got to get back to work!

I've missed you all so so much!

I'm heading off to the 'ol alma mater this weekend to watch Arkansas DESTROY play Auburn in Fayetteville!


Until next time!!


Holly said...

Ok first of all SOOO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!!! I missed you girl!!!

Second, a ROACH?!?! I'd go bizzerk!!!!

Hahaha oh my gosh, I would have taken that back for sure...I mean $85 is a LOT to give back in change by accident lol. Good for you!!

I'd love to hear more about John and how that is going!! Have a great time in AK!

Holly said...

And by AK, I definitely meant AR. Whoops.


Samantha said...

Roaches are so gross! I would have died!!

Good for you taking the money back. I hope I would have done the same. I definitely would have if I thought I was on the show "What Would You Do" haha.

Jane said...

That is so freaking gross. I think pretty much every restaurant has one or two, but still, gross. And, I am dying at the vision of the waiter stomping around after a roach in a fancy restaurant! lol It's right off a sitcom!

Anonymous said...

Haha was it a slow clap from the people in the gas station?

Rachael Lamb said...

that's hilarious! thanks for sharing!