Friday, October 21, 2011

Just add some butter ya'll

So...what did you do last night? 

Did you go get a book signed by the southern Julia Childs?

Momma and I did!
Paula Deen was in town on her book tour and of course Momma wanted to go see the queen of "ya'll and butter" so I played along because it was so fun to see Momma get so excited about something!
Here we are with our "Southern Cooking Bible"
yes, the book signing was at Wal-Mart. of course.

She's just as pretty in person as she is on the tv! Momma told her she loved her and she said "thank ya'll" all slow and drawn out...I love it.
I will gladly be Paula Deen when I grow up.
I want to have someone make a website out of my "sarahisms"... look at the Paulaisms here...hilarious!

“I’m gonna add…what the heck, I think I’ll put a tablespoon of butter in it, just cause I saw the butter sitting back here! Can’t resist it!”

Here's her little signature! There were over 700 people there to get their books signed.  She was in Monroe, LA earlier yesterday and signed over 600 books there. I can't imagine how cramped her hand was.  But she was so nice and smiley! 

All in all I'm glad I went with Momma.  It was fun (even if I was the youngest person there) haha!

Love you Momma!


Amanda Faith said...

I am jealous that you met the queen of butter!!

Lauren said...

I want the book and I love that you got her autograph! :)

Kim said...

I bet her hands are really strong from all that cooking and caring for her family and friends!