Thursday, October 27, 2011


This girl is a blog slacker and I wish I could tell ya'll a good reason to explain my slacky-ness (I like to make up words).  
You see, what had happened was.... I haven't really had much to talk about this past week! I'm really okay with it too...I have been SO busy this month going out of town EVERY weekend that I'm completely okay with being super low key this week.
Just been doing a little bit of work, and a whole lotta nothing.
Living the dream, basically.
But fear not my bloggy friends, things are about to get a tad bit more interesting!

Next weekend I'm heading down to Houston to look for...wait for it... a HOUSE!!
Cash and I are packing up from the 'rents and heading south!
I'll tell ya'll more about that one next week!

As for now it's time to link up with Lauren @the little things we do for...
1.   When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect(I know...random) when I grew up.
2.   As an adult, my dream job would be whatever Carrie Underwood chooses to do   .
3.  W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like Britney Spears  .
4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was I never dressed up for Halloween...I don't really get why people enjoy Halloween so much?
5.  My favorite childhood toy was probably any of her many many job forms. 
6.  The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I hmm...I don't really remember, but I'm sure my mother will inform me after she reads this. 
7.  I get daily inspiration from's an addiction. 

I hope ya'll have a great weekend! 
Until next time...


Jane said...

Who wouldn't want to be like Britney Spears?! Seriously! Good luck house hunting! Sounds soooo exciting! Eeek!

Sarah Kate said...

Ha! I love your answer for #2!!! So true!! That girl has got one heck of a life!

Anonymous said...

I believe the answer to #6 has to do with eggs...

Megan said...

Have so much fun in Houston!! You won't be too too far from me!!!