Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Leavin (not on a jet plane)

Peace out ya'll!! 
Me, Tiff, 
(you know, my car Tiffany)

and this handsome
who will be getting a bath before he gets into Tiffany which means I will also be (unwillingly) getting a bath
Are heading down to Houston this afternoon to see this guy...
And if you're wondering, "Who's that guy?!"...then you must be new here...

And if you aren't new and you're still all like, "No, but really, who is that guy?"
lets just say: 
we've dated for 3 years minus 3 months this summer where he was a complete idiot lost his mind, then realized that he was a complete idiot lost his mind and wanted me back.
We're still working on the 'wanting me back' part.

I'm tellin ya'll...if my life was a reality show, these past couple of months would have been AMAZING tv.
And I'd be super rich...

I'll be back with an update from the weekend next week!!
Get excited!
And I promise to take pictures this weekend...seriously...must. take. pictures!!!

Have a great Thursday ya'll!


Holly said...

Have a great time girl!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Have a great time! TAKE PICTURES! :)