Wednesday, December 21, 2011's been a while

I feel like I've been going non stop these past couple of days, but in all reality I haven't been doing all that much.  Yesterday, I went to the mall with everyone and their brother to pick up some last minute Christmas presents.  
It. Was. Awful.

If you don't have to get out the next few days...DON'T DO IT!
Buuut, with that being said, I'll probably venture out again today to do some little furniture scouting for my upcoming move.
Lord be with me.

For now, lets link up with Jamie and Michelle (because there's no Christmas shopping nightmares in bloggy land).

{I'm Loving} that I'm all packed and ready for the big move to Houston! This guy tried to help out with the packing.

{I'm Loving} Christmas time at my house courtesy of Momma bear.
sorry for the blurry iphone pics.

{I'm Loving} that I got to go to my first NFL game this weekend with some great friends!

{I'm Loving} the things I've found on Pinterest

I hope ya'll have a great Wednesday!
Happy Chanukah!!


Holly said...

Oh I hateee going to the mall around now...seriously it's awful!! Gorgeous decorations! (for the record, I just typed out 'directions' and had to delete it because it was totally not the right word....yeah, talk about being crazed right now! :-P) YAY for football! Love the pins, too!

Rochelle said...

You know I haven't been to a Texans game since I have been here! How crazy is that, lol I love your Christmas decorations.

Lauren said...

love the bulldog aka Rudolph! So sweet!

Merry Christmas!!

Rachael L. Anderson said...

I agree, I don't even get off the same exit as the mall in December...too much for me!

Sarah said...

Your house looks so pretty all decorated!! I hope you had fun at your first NFL game! Those are the best :)

Sarah E. said...

That Chinese proverb is awesome! Definitely repinning right now :)