Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ya'll...It's okay...Trust me

Christmas is 3 days away (say WHAT?!) and with this busy busy season I think it would benefit us all if we stop for a second and remember that it's okay...

It's Okay... laugh at peoples Christmas card awkwardness be ghetto less than friendly when you go to the mall, drive around for THIRTY minutes looking for a parking spot, creep on some Asian family, wait for them to get into their minivan, get ready to pull in their spot, only to have some b@!### cut in front of you and steal the spot.
Granny has the right idea. be more excited about the gifts your giving for Christmas than the ones you're getting. be 24 going on 17 and sad to be moving away from your momma and papa bear. KNOW that Nsync Christmas will forever be the greatest Christmas album of all time.

Have a lovely Thursday!!
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