Monday, August 6, 2012

No visitors, please

Surfing the internet Working from home definitely has its perks.
1-I haven't showered today and dirty hair, don't care.
2- I have Bravo on the tv 24/7
3- I don't have to put pants on if I don't want to (side note, I don't want to)
4- I get to have this face wake me up on the reg
"It's 7:30...enough sleeping in"
and the list goes on and on...

With that being said, the ONE thing that drives me banana pancakes about staying at home during the day is the amount of solicitors that come to my door!
For example, the clock is currently resting at 10:40am, and on this sunny Monday I've already had a guy come by trying to repave my driveway and when I said "no thank you" he said, "well, I'll just leave me card here for the man of the house to decide." He then proceded to TAPE his card to my house.
1953 called, they want their small mindedness back.

After I had a cup of coffee and calmed down about the ignorance of the world, there was another knock at the door.
This time it was a long haired boy who spoke about 3 words of English trying to sell CRACKERS...not cookies, like saltines, to keep his friends out of gangs and off drugs.
Now, while I'm all for a gang free environment, I didn't have any cash. So I sadly said "no thanks" and sent him on his way.
Yesterday John let a man (who very well could have been homeless) wash his truck in our driveway. He's had this guy wash it before and he does a good job.
What he doesn't do a good job at is realizing that when Johns truck isn't in the driveway, he's also not at home.  This man and his creepyness comes by weekly, and I mean weekly, asking if John liked the way his truck looked, if I want my car washed, if I want my car painted, if I want my house washed, if I want my dog washed... okay maybe not the last one, but dude, NO go away!! I don't want your business.
Ya'll, I'm not even kidding... while I'm typing this my door bell rang AGAIN!! This time it was the UPS man asking me to sign for something.

Don't these people realize that they're interrupting my tv shows job?!
I'm glad I have a real 'killer' of a dog to protect me

Hope ya'll have a great Monday! 


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. Sherman is just about as good of a guard dog as yours. :) I'm sure if I truly was in danger he would do something, but I hope I never find out.

Amber said...

How frustrating!! I would get annoyed at the guy coming back to wash something every week. Seriously, GO AWAY!

Lauren said...

Haha! Looks like you are going to have to get rid of that doorbell! :)