Friday, August 3, 2012

and now the conclusion: Vegas Diaries Pt. 3

You can catch up on parts 1 & 2 here and here... I'll wait.


So here I am at Bills Gamblin' Hall still confused about the things I'd already seen on this day.
(crying stripper, naked man, no-name celebrity...)
I walk inside and see John sitting at a table with a couple of other guys our age.
Remember, I'm wearing a huge t-shirt, nike shorts and look a hot mess.  I walk up to their table and John shouts across the room "OH HEY, BOO!! WHAT UP GUUUURRRRL?!!!" 
I don't remember how much of the conversation went, but there was a lot of playful harassment towards the poor black jack dealer, a lot of "Sarah just sit down and play and talk to these southern gentlemen"(turns out the guys he was playing with were from S. Carolina) and a lot of me threatening to leave if he didn't come eat breakfast with me.
Needless to say, it took me all of 30 minutes to drag John off of this blackjack table and away from his new friends.
Oh and our 'real' friends that were supposed to be with John were nowhere to be found. When I brought this to his attention he shrugged it off and said (I quote) "those guys are silly."

Finally we're leaving and I make a deal with John that I'll cash in his chips while he uses the restroom so we can speed this train up.

It took me all of 2 seconds to complete my task and I waited, and waited for John to finish his business so we could FINALLY go eat some breakfast!
After what felt like hours, John comes out of the bathroom and I notice he's shaking some guys hand and saying things like "alright, brother" and "I feel you" (apparently the Memphis in John *he grew up there*  comes out after 100 drinks). As they part ways, I also notice this guy has a striking resemblance to this lovely gentleman:
Me: John, who's your new friend?
*and ya'll in the most nonchalant way he responds....*
"Oh he just wanted to sell me some cocaine."
Excuse me?
Me: Oh well thats nice of him. I always buy my cocaine from a rando in the bathroom.

Then John shows me this picture that also occurred in said bathroom:
That would be $500 in $2 bills in case you were wondering.

Now I had the urge to walk right into that mens bathroom to see what a carnival like place it was, but breakfast was calling at it was around 8:15 at this point.

John and I stumble (well he stumbles and I half carry him) across the street to the food court in our hotel. 
You see, all poor John wants at 8 in the morning is a Johnny Rockets hamburger. Johnny Rockets doesn't start serving until 10, but people are behind the counter setting up for the day. John offers to pay them $100 for a Johnny Rockets Hamburger.
They decline.
I'm embarrassed.
I tell him more than once to be quiet.
He picks me up over his shoulder and carries me into the breakfast line.
I'm mortified.

Anywayyyy... we order breakfast and finally sit down to eat.
John drops half his waffle on the floor.
5 second rule?
This is the man I love, ya'll.

Finally we're on our way up to our room and while I'm ready to get the party started, I know that Johns party is fading fast and he has to go to sleep.
On our walk up, his phone rings and it is our lovely drug dealer friend.
John: I felt bad.

Calm down.
No he didn't buy drugs. No we don't do drugs. But a drug dealer in Vegas now has Johns phone number. 
No big deal.

John immediately passes out and I watch the clock waiting until I can wake him up and go do something.
Around 1 he finally wakes up and we go back down to the pool.
When we get there we immediately remember that we lost our sunscreen the day before and if we don't find some to put on our bodies we will be fried eggs in an hour.
I notice they're selling sunscreen in a tiki hut by the pool for $25... um no.
So we set off to befriend some nice people that would let us steal some sunscreen.

We get in the pool and notice some older people wearing Kentucky and South Carolina hats. If you know anything about the SEC, know that if you strike up a conversation about anything football related, we'll be your new best friend.
So that's exactly what we did.
We talked to this lady from S. Carolina for a good hour before I let it slip that we needed some sun screen.
Of course we could go to their cabana and have some! Make our selves at home!
She also mentioned that her son would be coming down soon because he stayed up all night PLAYING BLACKJACK AT BILLS GAMBLIN HALL!!!!
Those were the same boys John was sitting at the table with.
When they got in the pool, the look on their faces were priceless.
What a small world, ya'll.

So once again we pool all day, go to our little Mexican cantina, John dances to the cupid shuffle
then we go to our room and pass out.

I wake up around 1am (my sleep is all kinds of messed up).
John is nowhere to be found.
I call him to see where in the world he is; come to find out, boyfriend is up at the foundation room with our friends (they're alive!) and I told him to 'go away' when he tried to wake me up to go.
This somehow does not surprise me at all.
So I hurry and get ready and cab it over to meet them there.
The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay is amazing. 
Best view of the strip.

After Mandalay Bay we cab it over to Paris to party it up in Chateau which was a favorite from last year.

My friend and her pink bra just needed a breather. I feel ya girl.

We again, partied until the sun came up and then went back to the room and passed out.
It's now Sunday, and we're now running on E (as in Empty, not the drug...come on people).
We wake up around 4pm and decide to go eat our second meal of the entire trip.
We walk down to Margaritaville which was attached to our hotel and had some pretty good seafood.
Then we head back up to our room and John falls back asleep.
This day was supposed to be our touristy- go downtown- see the lights- day, but it turned out to be, gain energy by sleeping day.
I wasn't too upset about it if I'm being honest.
Just means we'll have to go back soon to do touristy stuff!

Aaaand there you have it folks.
Our trip in a nutshell.
We got up the next morning, packed, gambled for a little bit, then headed to the airport and back to Houston.
If I said I didn't want to go back right at this moment, I'd be lying.
Vegas is amazing and if you've never been, I hope my stories are a good selling point on why you NEED to get out there!

Never a dull moment, ya'll.... never a dull moment.


Holly said...

Hahahahaa oh my gosh, when I saw that pic of the guy with the money I about DIED. You have the most epic stories from that trip...can I come along next time??? ;)

Amy G. said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like y'all lived it up in Vegas! What a blast! You're stories are hilarious and you're right, you can't make that stuff up!

Rhiannon Manzi said...

Hi Pretty Girl!!
I have nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Blog Award, for bloggers with under 200 followers to help get our names out there! Check it out on my blog and join in on the fun if you would like!
Love you!! :):)

Lauren said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just from reading! You had a grand time! :)