Friday, January 18, 2013

So... I'm alive and stuff

I honestly don't know how ya'll do this whole 'work all day, take care of family, and still blog on the regular' thing.  When I leave work at 6 every night the LAST thing I want to do when I get home is look at a computer screen.  
Sadly this little blog has traveled to the ever so desolate land of "the back burner". 
It's sad really.

Let me update you real quick on what's been happening around these parts.
1. Work
2. Work
3. Work
4. Work
oh and 
5. Work

How boring. I seriously have to learn how to balance work and play... because no play makes me no happy. 
And I like being happy.
All suggestions welcome!

As for any 'fun' I've been having...

I've done a little Top Golfin'

It's like Golf, Bowling, and Darts all in one!

Celebrated the boo's birthday:
Wore a Bill Cosby sweater and said "puddin pops" all night long
and made ugly faces while John slept like an angel baby

I hope ya'll have had a great week! 
Happy Friday!!!!



Lauren said...

love that last picture of y'all! Girl, blogging is my stress relief from work! It'll become yours too!

Holly said...

Ha, you sound like me with work. It'll get better!