Tuesday, January 22, 2013

if you can't laugh at yourself then what's the point

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog and thought "whoa whoa whoa... who does this chick think she is, having the same personality and thoughts as me?! Where does she live so I can go tell her she's my new best friend give her a piece of my mind?!"
No one?

Enter Whitney
This girl is it, ya'll.  I swear.  I can go to her blog on any given day and laugh, shake my head in agreement, and then sigh because I just know we'd be best friends.
Just like I know Justin and Britney will one day reunite... sometimes things are just meant to be, ya'll.

So anyway, I was thrilled when I saw that she was hosting a link-up today!
1, because this sister loves a link up, and 2 because I can only imagine what things she has in store for her post.  

Lets start this out by saying things are about to get really real up in here.
Please don't judge me based on the things you're about to see. 

1. I've always had a keen sense of fashion.
Case in point:
You're probably wondering to yourself why I'm not a fashion blogger.
It would kind of be like Picasso trying to teach a "Painting with Pinot" class.
Somethings just shouldn't happen.
John tells me this is his favorite picture of me. 
I tell him he's rude.

2. I've always loved football while simultaneously pampering myself.
 I've also always loved interior design.

3. It's been said that I have a severe fear of Mascots and people in costume.
Here you are witnessing the exact moment this fear came to fruition. 
 Can you see it in my eyes?
Foghorn Leghorn took my soul right as this picture was being taken.
Thumbs down Foghorn, thumbs DOWN.
Also... don't worry about the monochromatic fanny pack paired with the neon flower shorts. 
Rocked it.

4. Occasionally I like to vacation in summery places. 
The more exotic the better.
I hear Panama City, Fl is beautiful during the middle of March.
I believe this picture speaks for itself.
Gone with the wind fabulous. 

5. I definitely have trouble sleeping at night.  I either take forever to finally fall asleep, or I wake up at least 4 times every night. 
The only way I've been known to sleep peacefully is sitting up in a car with red leather interior.
Try it. 
Better than Melatonin. 

And finally... if you haven't noticed by now, I have the worst case of "only child problems" that the world has ever seen.  
Don't worry about me...I'll just be over here in my trucker hat standing alone next to a picture of me... kneeling alone. 
Nothing to see here. 
And again, you can find me rocking high waisted neon shorts before it was cool.
Fashionista ya'll.

So there you have it.
Pretty much all of the facts you need to know to really 'get' me.

And for one more fact, I texted my mother last night asking her to send me some "embarrassing pictures" for this post today.

These are the ones she chose for me.

Love you too, Momma.



Anonymous said...

Haha! I love that your mom sent you those pictures! I had the same fashion sense as a kid, we totally rocked it.

HickChickBritt said...

Bahhhh! Oh my you have balls! Those pics are awesome. That almost makes me want to go dig out some embarrassing pictures of me.... almost.

Pharmer Girl said...

Haha I love this post, especially your narration of the pictures. Priceless. You are awesome!

Nikki said...

Definitely laughing out loud over here!

Jessica Sweatt said...

You are awesome! You had clutching my stomach in severe, crying laughter at fanny pack!

Whitney Ellen said...

Stop. It.
We really would be besties. And I didn't even need to see you in a trucker hat. You know you had me at Pinky and Stinky.

Anonymous said...

I swear, our Fact posts are about identical! As is our love and adoration for Whitney - chica is awe-to-the-some.

Costumed things freak me the eff out, I had rockin' fashion sense as a tyke, and insomnia is my mortal enemy.

Newest follower! Can't wait to get to know you!

Kisha Jaggers said...

New Follower!! Found you through this fun link up!! When you have time stop by.. → www.kjaggers.com← and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy Tuesday! K Jaggers

Lauren said...

love these pics! You are too cute in your high waisted shorts! Fashion blogger, NOW!

Haley said...

Loving the trucker hat!!! Now if you wore the trucker hat, with the neon pants, and the fanny pack you would be way too cool for me!