Thursday, January 24, 2013

on being yourself

We're gonna be a little serious over here today.  
I know... me, serious? Whaaa?
But it happens...sometimes.

Today I want to talk about being yourself.

I've never truly been 'happy' with myself.
What is 'happy'? Everyone has something that makes them happy.  
You're probably thinking of that thing right now.
For me, it's my dog and my family...
unless my dog has gotten in the trash or my family are telling me things I don't want to hear.
But for the most part those are the things that make me 'happy'.

In my short 25 years, I've struggled a lot with being happy.  This probably comes as a shock to some because on the outside I'm always smiling and cracking jokes, but thats mostly a defense on my part.
All throughout high school I was pretty quiet.  I had friends, don't get me wrong, but I didn't talk much in class or reach out to people I didn't know for fear of rejection and because I just wasn't that happy with myself.
I often even said "I don't really like myself, so why would anyone else." No one was coming up to me and trying to be my friend, so why would I go up to them?
What I didn't realize is by having this attitude I was coming off as a snob, or rude, someone even told me I thought "I was better than everyone"...which was shocking because here I was thinking the exact opposite.
At lunchtime, I would look over at the "popular table" and think 
"if I was skinner...then I'd be happy"
"if I was smarter...then I'd be happy"

Not once did I think "maybe if I just accepted me for me...then I'd be happy"

Be yourself.
You're 'you' for a reason. 
Own it.
Work it. 
Twerk it.
That's something I'm trying daily to do. 
...especially the Twerking. 
Life is short... and you're going to be 'you' for all of it.
It's time I start loving myself for who I am instead of hating myself for who I am not. 

And that concludes the "wow sarah, you probably need therapy" post for the day.
Go out and be YOU today!


The Pink Growl said...

I think we all feel like this at some point in our lives...but you are absolutely right! We have to embrace who we are...even our weird little quirks that we don't like and be proud!

Lauren said...

You're going to be you for all of it! --my favorite line of the whole post!

Get it girl! God make you super special! :)