Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh Monday...

After a weekend spent doing nothing but enjoying the 70* temps in the middle of January with my favorite 4 legged child, here I am again at work. 
 Cash was saying 'cheese!' for the amazing weather!

If you're not a work right now, I kind of hate you.
but the amount of "out of the office for the holiday" bounce-back emails I've gotten this morning makes me want to throw my computer against the wall.

Instead of getting into a full out rage war with myself and the pointlessness of me being in the office today, I'm going to leave myself you with a little lesson on how to have a 'lovely' day.
Sometimes I wish I were British so I could say words like "lovely" and "brilliant" and "crumpets" and not be looked at all weird.

I'm wishing ya'll a "lovely day"!



Sara said...

Love everything about this post! Especially the "smile at strangers"--I try to do this all the time when I'm out and about, sometimes people look at me like a weirdo but most people appreciate a friendly smile coming their way :)

Lauren said...

I'm sorry you had to work today! I'm enjoying my day off! :)

BTW: Cash is adorable!

Anonymous said...

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