Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend in pictures

*I apologize in advance for the horrific picture quality.  All photos taken with my iPhone...aka Sarah Beth NEEDS a camera*

Hey hey! I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend...I know I did!
Wanna know why??
Well, let me tell ya!

John came into town for the Oil Man's Golf Tournament and there were fun parties Thursday- Saturday night.  
Thursday night they kicked off the Tournament weekend with dinner and drinks at Sam's Town Casino in Shreveport.  The room was HUGE and had really cool blue lights outlining the sectioning of the ceiling.  Of course, I didn't take a picture of it because that would have made too much since...typical.  But just trust me... it was pre-tay!
Friday night the tournament hosted a crawfish boil after the guys played golf all day in the 95+ heat.  I am by no means a golfer, but I like to think that 90 degree temperatures and humidity does not make golfing an enjoyable experience.  However, eating crawfish and drinking a cold beer makes any negative a positive.
{I was about to rip his little head was the least I could do}
Every night they gave away door prizes that were mostly geared towards the men... it was the Oil MAN's tournament so it made since.  They did have a few gifts geared towards the ladies like jewelry and trips, but sadly...I won nothing.  Mr. Lucky Pants John did tho! Boyfriend won a new golfing wedge, which I'm assuming is really nice and something you need to play a round of golf...but who knows.
{Winner winner chicken dinner!}
{Cute pose, girl}
Saturday was the last day of the tournament and the last night for dinner and giveaways.  John and I spent some of the day fishing duh but it was just too hot to stay outside for too long. 
We went to the country club for dinner and to see if any of us were luck enough to win the grand prize.  Short story... we weren't.  But Christi got some awesome Yurman earrings that I am super jealous of so proud she won! haha :) 

All in all it was a great weekend! John left Sunday to head to Houston for some job training classes or something.  Which led to this picture he took as he was pulling out of the driveway...
so depressing.
But I'm turning that frown upside down because we will be reuniting again Friday for yet another Memphis wedding! So excited to see all of my people again!
*drum roll*
Only one more week until we are all Vegas bound!
Can. Not. Wait.


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