Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm alive

Well ya'll... we did it.
My friends and I survived a week of Vegas!
I can honestly say this past week was the absolute most fun I have ever had on vacation in my life! 
Best. Birthday. EVER!

Honestly, I'm still in a Vegas haze.
Here's a little recap of the shenanigans we got into...
*the G-rated version...Momma reads this ya'll :)* 

Monday we got settled in and went to the New York hotel to try our hand at craps...craps was the game of choice all week and overall... win or loose as long as you play there's free booze!

Tuesday we pooled it up in our own private cabana at Planet Hollywood where we stayed.

Tuesday night we hit up Chateau at Paris and partied the night away at a private table with bottle service...hollarrrr!

Wednesday we traveled down to the best Casino Royale for $3 craps tables and all the free drinks you could handle.
Elsa will forever live in our hearts.
Wednesday night we headed out to Surrender at Encore for my birthday kickoff party and the best night yet.  Our cab ride home consisted of the cab driver singing the song Will Ferrell sings at the end of Step Brothers at the Catalina Wine Mixer... if you don't know what that is, just understand that it's awesome.
{The Vegas Crew}
{Surrender...SO PRETTY!}
{Needless to say...this was me the next morning...haha}
Thursday *my birthdayyyyy* we travled next door to pool it up at The Cosmopolitan pool.  Needless to say it was legitimate.
Thursday night we had dinner at Sushi Roku in Caesars Palace which was DELISH and came with a cute little cake!!

Then we went to Tryst at Wynn and then to Gallery back at Planet Hollywood where John got us a table and bottle service for my birthday! 
{Tryst was half indoor/half outdoor waterfall...soo cool}
{Dancing machines!}
{Table at Gallery!}
{Dancing the night away...literally}
We partied there until the lights came up around 4am....then immediately had to pack for the shuttle back to the airport at 5. GROSS.
{5am shuttle...8am flight... no sleep... wouldn't trade it for anything!}

We made it to the airport with no sleep and the group morale seriously in decline...but once we landed Momma and Greg were there to pick us up and take us to Dairy Queen, which I'm pretty sure is the only reason we are alive today.
Plane ride was rough ya'll.

After an incredibly long nap sleep...
*I'm talkin 15+ hours* once again seemed livable. 
I had no voice for two days and was basically a big 'ol hot mess.
I'm feeling much better now, but no matter how exhausted Vegas made me...I WANNA GO BACK!!

I think I could make it out there...put some of those club dancers to shame...

Hope ya'll are having a fantastic week!



Lauren said...

I love the airport picture! :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a fun and amazing week!!! :-)