Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Vegas Diaries: Pt. 1

I'm splitting this up in two parts because 1- I don't want to overwhelm you with stories and pictures, and 2- I would like to reminisce about Vegas for as long as humanly possible. 

Almost two weeks ago, (where is the time going?!) John and I jet-setted off to Fabulous Las Vegas.  It was too much fun.  We arrived at the Flamingo Hotel Thursday and were eager to get the night started. After already having the strongest drinks of all time a cocktail on the plane, we were well on our way to party town. 

This was the view from our room! We could see the Bellagio fountain show from our room.  It was pretty awesome.

So we got ready and headed out to Wynn to meet up with our friends, Brad and Lane, and Brad's Uncle Pat.  Brad called us up about 2 weeks prior to ask if we wanted to take a weekend trip to Vegas.  Um, duh! Easiest question ever.
Everything in the Flamingo was Pink! Heaven in a hotel.
 Boo thang.
 Trouble. At least there's water, right?
 Me and the boys at Tryst.

So we partied all night into the wee hours of the morning. 

Friday John and I woke up around 11 ordered room service brunch (can we all talk about how amazing brunch is?) and went down to the pool.
Not mad at it.
The pool at the Flamingo was the most fun.
John and I came up with a plan to get fake engaged, have bachelor and bachelorette parties in Vegas then magically "call the wedding off" the next day, all so we could have parties at this pool.
Sounds like a good plan to me.
Everyday at 2:30 sharp they held a booty shaking contest on a stage smack dab in the middle of the pool. And ya'll, some of these girls should NOT have been shaking what there momma gave them, if you know what I'm saying.  
It was hilarious and I wished I was coherent enough to think to record it because it would have brought laughs for days and days.

Anyway, we spent allllllll day at the pool. 
We had plans with Brad, Lane, and Brad's uncle to eat dinner at Del Frisco's. 
Did we spend way too much time in the sun and drink way too many beers?
Did we stumble our way up to the room and pass out?
Did we have 20 missed calls because we missed dinner?
Here's why:
You see, there was a little Mexican cantina bar attached to the pool.
This place was our kryptonite. 
 Fun bar stools... I swear I'm tanner than this picture indicates.
Best bar tenders who decided to give me tattoos with a bal point pen all over my body... only in Vegas.

Me and boo not remembering the most fun day of our lives.

So there are days one and two, a million drinks in, eaten one meal.
Welcome to Vegas.

Join me Thursday for part 2 where we'll meet a drug dealer, stripper, and a naked man all within an hour.



Amber said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Amanda Haney said...

Looks like yall had a blast. I love Vegas, we always stay at The Hardrock. It's a little off the strip, but it's FUN! Did you go to the mall? They have the BEST Forever 21 in there. Seriously,. it's 2 stories and like packed with amazingness.

Holly said...

SO fun!! :) I miss Vegas!!!