Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 steps on how to have a really good day

step 1: wake up at 11am for no other reason than the fact that thats when your body decided it wanted to come to life. 
step 2: check all forms of social media
step 3: eat a bowl of left over chili for lunch (it's delicious)
step 4: send some emails, get a text from a friend
step 5: read the text asking if you have plans for tonight (you don't)
step 6: get invited to a Justin Bieber concert that you honestly didn't know about until this minute.
step 7: say yes and immediately feel like your 12 and this is an invite to an Nsync concert.
*step 8: go to concert, pretend that you're 15 and scream "MARRY ME JUSTIN" at least 100 times.
step 9: drink *responsibly* because you're not 15, you're 25. 
step 10: drive yourself home because you're not 15, you're 25. 
*steps 8-10 have yet to occur, but I'm willing to bet money that this is how tonight is going to go.
See you soon, J-Biebs!


Kathryn said...

Aw fun! Have a good time!

Nikki said...

have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I would choose one or the other for steps 9 & 10 ;)! Stay safe!

Lacey_Renea said...

lol, this is so funny :) I'm not particularly a Bieber fan myself - probably why I didn't know he was in Houston tonight!

Your plans sound like a blast though - have fun!

Amber said...

We all know you know every lyric to "Girlfriend" don't act like you're not a Beiber fan! Ha! Have a great time

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I hope you have an awesome time at the concert!!

bailey j said...

i am like a million percent jealous right now!! AHH! enjoy and take pictures and blog about it asap aha.

Lauren said...

you are too funny! Enjoy the Beibs!