Monday, October 22, 2012

i've been doing a lot of nothing lately

This is becoming a common theme around here, and I ain't happy about it.

I've been busy, but not with anything remotely interesting so it's been tough for me to come up with blogging topics. 
I started this blog as a way to document life in my twenties and thats what I intend on keeping it as.

So I might be a little MIA, but promise when something interesting happens you'll be the first (or second) to know! 

Here's whats been going down in my world:

*Went on my first business trip in San Antonio.
*First time visiting San Antonio.
*The Alamo in San Antonio is horribly disappointing.
*Had a (older male) client cuss me out infront of an entire room of people only for him to realize that I had NOTHING to do with what he was upset about.  He didn't even apologize, he just avoided me the entire convention.
*Johns family came into town then we all headed down to Rock Port, TX for the weekend.

*John and I have been HOUSE HUNTING!!! and while it's fun to look around, it's incredibly stressful and I just wish the perfect house would fall out of the sky and into our lives!

Aaaand that about sums it up!
Talk soon, promise!



Amber said...

Good luck with the house hunt girl!

Jamie said...

Good luck house hunting!

The Pink Growl said...

I loved house hunting! It was so fun to go to open houses and see the insides of all kinds of places. But it does get stressful after a while. Good luck!

Sarah said...

WOW love when people get angry and swear at others. Even if you had soemthing to do with it, does that give him the right to speak to anyone like that??? So rude!

Good luck house hunting!!

Lauren said...

House hunting? How fun! I'll be doing that all too soon...

love that panoramic view on your last photo!