Tuesday, October 23, 2012

...and on the 746th day, the sound went out

Once upon a time I was one of those people who stood in line at 4am outside of an apple store to get the brand new version of the iPhone.
Now most people wouldn't think of waking up in the middle of the night while on vacation in Los Angeles to go down to whatever mall to stand in line for a phone.
Obviously, I'm not most people.
The 'ol iPhone 4.
She's been a good phone.
I've never lost her.
Never had any problems with her.
She's never been more than 4 feet from my right hand for the past 2 years.
Thats a real relationship, people.
And while writing this now, it is surprising me that I didn't even have the audacity to give her a name!
*side note* I have an unhealthy love for naming inanimate objects... my car is Tiffany Amber Tahoe.
I digress...
Everything was just peachy and perfect until a warm Spring day this year.
I took Cash to the dog park like normal, and I was sitting on the bench watching him play.  I was getting up to grab a ball to throw for him when this VICIOUS, RABID Bassett Hound jumped up on my lap and knocked my precious, innocent iPhone 4 face down on the concrete.
Sad sad day.
But, like the trooper she is, that little phone fought through the pain, and my fingers fought through the tiny shards of glass splinters up until this past weekend. 
This past weekend, little iPhone took a turn for the worse.
She has decided to reserve her energy and no longer has the ability to make noise to tell me whats going on.

I haven't heard her make a sound in days, and I'm worried.
(btw, not being able to hear my text tone is giving me major anxiety... weird?)

This is it.
It's time for me to say goodbye to the iPhone, and to move on with her hotter younger brother the iPhone5.

Problem is, iPhone 5 apparently has issues and has made himself completely emotionally and physically unavailable in the Houston area.

So now I'm just sitting here, willing my phone to ring until I can manage to locate a new one.

Apparently this is my life now.
Silent phone.

Oh yeah... remember that time I wrote a personified story about my phone?




Nikki said...

Hahaha poor phone! I have the 4S and I adore her!

Nikki said...

I love this! My iPhone is my BESTEST friend. How I ever lived without her amazes me.

Lauren said...

Haha! We would all feel the same way if it happened to ours! :0

Sarah said...

I actually laughed out loud!!

This is too funny! Poor iphone!
stupid basset hound!

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

haahahah I love how you ended this #ineedahobby and that is toooooo funnny! I really liked this post!
I name my stuff too!
my car's name is Remi. and my boyfriend and I call my phone spaz because I don't get messages and calls sometimes when I talk to him.
I swear. I get calls and messages from EVERYONE ELSE but it will sometimes miss the calls and messages from him.
spaz hates my bf. we decided.
you have a wonderful day!!