Wednesday, October 24, 2012

when in doubt, pin

Some nights, John and I spend our time hanging out at the dog park with our main man, Cash.
Some nights, we spend in catching up on our favorite DVRd shows together.
Most nights, John ends up with the remote and watches something terrible like Pawn Stars or Storage wars, or my absolute favorite American Pickers.
Remember when the History Channel actually taught you History, or The Learning Channel (TLC) actually made you learn?
Yeah, me either.
So, when John is watching those painstakingly awful shows, I turn to something that I enjoy and he doesn't understand.

Here's some of the awesome I've been Pinning lately:

Love everything about this!

Mean Girls, Husky edition.

Oh how I love literal humor.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

This dogs face....seriously?! Cracking up!

Too bad I'll never be able to have white couches because I have a living black hairball in my home.

Okay... I have to go listen to some Mystical now.  Adding this to my work out playlist ASAP.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I love The Office! Andy's face makes me tear up!

This face.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

And these will always ALWAYS make me laugh.

See... using my time wisely!
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Stephany Hyder said...

You always make me giggle! These are great pins! I love the Mystical one- that's hilarious! Brings me back to some good ol days! But that Baby on Board got 1st place! Laughing my ASS OFF! Literally.

And my husband is the same way with TV shows & the remote! I enjoy American Pickers too! ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Katie said...

HA! I do the same thing! Or even if it's a show we like, but it's a boring episode.

Jamie said...

That bedroom is gorgeous.

Courtney*Cakes said...

I can't stop giggling at the 'Baby on Board.'

Lauren said...

Pinterest is my biggest time waster! Love it!

Anonymous said...

That bedroom is gorgeous, and that house with the white couches is way cute! Love your pins :)

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

This is so funny because I would rather watch Pawn Stars/American Pickers/Storage Wars anytime rather than suffer through the 4th time through Sports Center! haha
I do love your pins though!