Tuesday, October 9, 2012

do they have rehab for tv addiction?

My name is Sarah, 
and I'm addicted to too many new fall shows.

I'm just going to give you a run down of what my DVR is cued up to record for me right now:
-The Office
-Parks and Rec
-Up All Night
-The New Normal
-Guys With Kids
-The League
-American Horror Story
...and honestly, several more that I'm probably too embarrassed to say I record. 

Are you as addicted to tv as I am? 
Are you as grossed out by how addicted to tv you are as I am?

What are some of your new favorite fall shows?
(not that I need to add any more to my line up, but I do work from home and always have the tv on in the background)

I hope ya'll have a great Tuesday!
Excuse me while I go watch some tv!



Lauren said...

Don't be embarassed. We all love tv a little too much, if we are honest! :)

Grey's is my guilty pleasure!

Katie said...

Oh I'm the same way! I have SOOO many shows set on the DVR, it's ridiculous! I don't record Say Yes To the Dress, but that's only because it always seems to be on - I watch it ALL the time (husband hates it!) Favorite new shows are The New Normal, Mindy Project and Animal Practice.

Amber said...

I am embarrassed at how much reality tv I watch until I find out everyone else does too, then it isn't so embarrassing

Jamie said...

I'm totally addicted to reality tv. It's really gross.