Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend update in the hizzhouzz

Happy Monday lovelies! 
I hope your week is getting off to a good start!

I started my day off by getting up out of my nice warm bed and taking puppy (and myself) for a 2 mile run! 
Who am I?

Today I'm starting the 7 Day Slim Down by my favorite Tone it Up girls.  
I did this last summer before our trip to Vegas and I lost 10lbs and lots of inches.
I need a good jump start to my new healthy self image, so I'm excited to get the party started with them again!

The weather this weekend in Houston was beyond.
It was 75 and sunny and NOT humid...
hallelujah the angels did sing!

And in light of the gorgeous weather, my favorite black man decided to take me on a little Saturday picnic! 
There's just nothing like good selfies with the puppy.

Saturday night I was feeling an extra kind of cranky and just couldn't be around people...
Thank goodness we went home early or I probably would have.

Sunday was spent being just as loungy (it's not lazy if you're relaxing) then John and I heard from our realtor that they have framed our house! 
We had to go check it out!

Isn't she beautiful?!
Here I am throwing my hands in the air and waving them like I just don't care from our back porch!
Yes I'm wearing this in January... the weather, ya'll, is crazy.

Here's the back of the house... this is about halfway back in the yard... plenty of play space for our puppy child!

I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives! 
My pinterest boards have never looked more exciting!

I hope you all are having a great Monday!



Lindsey said...

Got to love Houston in the winter!! One thing I do miss about Texas!!

Anonymous said...

I love the house! We want to build too but there aren't any affordable builders in our area, i'm definitly jealous!

The Pink Growl said...

I am so proud of you for getting up and running! Now...inspire me to get up and workout before work too and I'll be in business! :)

The Pink Growl said...

PS - I need details about the 7 day slimdown for something I'm doing Saturday! I tried to go to their website but you have to order it and ain't nobody got time for that! haha :)

Sara Elizabeth said...

So exciting about your home!! And I love the AOII blanket you have, I can't wait to do that with all of my Tri Delta shirts!

Jamie said...

That's some serious progress on your house. How exciting!

Southern Sass said...

How exciting about your new house! What is the 7 day slim down? I have heard of this before and I went to the website, do you have to buy the whole package or can you do the 7 day slim down separate?

Jessica Odom said...

Hi, Sarah! Another Texas blogger stopping by from the link-up. :) How exciting about your house! The weather was nice and warm in West Texas too...but of course we had to deal with 30 mph winds on top of that!

Have a great week!

Lauren said...

What! So awesome!!! Can't wait to see more!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How exciting! You're having your house built? That's awesome!!

And your dog is way cute!

Thanks for linking up for Weekend Update. Happy to have you :)

I'm your newest follower!