Thursday, January 31, 2013

ya'll... I can't even

Is today Monday?
Because it totally feels like it with the way things have been going.

All of my tires decided to go flat this morning.
Also, I have to get my car inspected today because it's the last day of the month.  Can I just say that, being from Arkansas where they somehow found a way to not make you waste your time doing something pointless like getting your car inspected, have never done this before?!
I totally didn't realize that I needed to do this until Today... the last day of the month.

So on my lunch break, I take Tiffany (thats my car's name, keep up) to the place to get her inspected and they ask me for my proof of insurance.
Sure, I have that..... except I didn't have that.
Turns out the insurance card that was in my car expired YESTERDAY and the new one.. the one I got weeks ago and forgot to put in my car.. is sitting it's pretty little self on my desk at home. 

Usually, this wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that I work until 6, don't get home until 6:30 and all car inspection places are closed by then.

(this is where things turn around)
I call my boss, explain the sitch, he lets me work from home the rest of the day and take care of business.

Now Tiffany is all good, I'm sitting on my couch answering emails and catching up on DVR with my puppy dog. 
Best day turn around ever.

Which brings me to the two reasons why working from home > everything else...
1- no one judges you on how many times you go to the bathroom... sorry I'm trying to be healthy and hydrate myself which leads to the inevitable!
2-You don't have to wear pants
Point Made.

But what am I saying? This day can't be bad because I will be seeing my favorites ever, Eli Young Band tonight at the House of Blues!!

You may have seen them on an episode of this season of The Bachelor.

I was trying to count the times I've seen them, but I can't even remember.... 12 maybe? 
They used to come to my college town all of the time before they decided to go and get really famous on me.
I lurves them.
But not once has John rented out an amusement park and set up a private concert for us.
We're breaking up.

I hope ya'll are having a happy Thursday!



Amy @ A Glimpse of the Gouglers said...

Talk about a bad day gone right! How often does that even happen? As for EYB...I am JEALOUS. I'm so in love with them. Before they were big I loved getting to see them in little bars in College Station. SO GOOD! Have a blast for me!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Pleaaase drink a beer and sing your heart out at the concert tonight for me!! I love EYB!!

Jamie K. said...

Totally love EYB! I've seen them more times than count, I miss them coming to Fayetteville!! ugh. They will be here Feb 4.. but who plays on a Monday night?! Not fun for this one!! Hope you have fun!

Meri Kate said...

Your reasons for why you love working home are the reasons I love doing school at home. :)

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

I LOVE when days turn around for the better! And I love me some Eli Young Band! I've never seen them though. I need to fix that. :/

Lauren said...

All of your tires? SHeesh.

Now, you need to tell that beau of yours that you need a date like that, Pronto!

Anonymous said...

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