Thursday, July 21, 2011

new lease on life

What a difference a week makes...
ain't that the truth?

This time last week I was all boo-hooing, my life is worthless, woe is me, super unattractive puffy eyed and basically a big 'ol hot mess.
I'm talking a BIG hot mess, ya'll.

Today I'm glad to say that today I am doing much much better and have a renewed view on life.
After having several therapy sessions with my main man Greg, I have realized that my life is not over, it's just starting! I have the opportunity to do literally whatever I want.  The biggest problem is that I'm not quite sure what that is just yet.  And so I'm thinking to myself 'well, good Lord Sarah, if that's your biggest problem then shame on you for ever getting down about it!'
Seriously...I have to tell myself to get over myself sometimes.

I was listening to the radio in my car the other day when Sara Evans' song "A little bit stronger" came and on, and not only did I belt it out along with her but I also rolled down the windows and yelled "PREACH!" at a poor pedestrian who had NO idea what he had just come across.  If you haven't heard this song here it is
Basically sums up the past couple of weeks/days except unlike that Sara, this Sarah does not have a penthouse apartment to sulk around in...and right now it's way to hot to wrap up in sweaters.
The shame.

SO with all of that said...I'm officially looking for a job along with everyone else in the world.
So if any of you readers out there (subscribers or not) have any leads on jobs in marketing, PR, Advertisement, Communication, Sports, Entertainment, Event Planning, Promotions, McDonalds, Janitorial work...okay maybe not the last two but you catch my drift, hit me up and let me know!
I'm want to work with me, I promise :)

I have a degree in Communications and a Masters degree in Teaching, but after teaching high school for a year, I've decided that is not my lifes calling and have SO MUCH more respect for all of you lovely teachers out there.

Also I'm free as a bird so I can literally go anywhere at this point!
I'd kind of like to stay below the mason-dixon because I hear they don't have sweet tea above it and a life without sweet tea is not a life I want to live.

Thanks for all of the comments and awesome feedback yesterday!
Ya'll are just awesome.
I hope ya'll are having a great Thursday!


Holly said...

Good for you!! It takes a while to get back on your feet, but I'm glad that you're getting there :) Good luck with the job search...I'm in the same boat and it stinks! Although, I live in Cleveland and they definitely serve Sweet Tea...but not at every restaurant :-\ I swear I should have been born in the south because I'm addicted to it!

Lauren said...

I love this post! Stay strong girl! God has a huge plan for your life. He knows exactly where he wants you!

Cami said...

You're right - your life is NOT least :) Glad you've gotten the happy face on!

Shoot me an e-mail at pickelfacebook(at)live(dot)com - I have a possibly job opportunity for you...well, it's commission based. But if you're in serious need of cash, you might be up for it!


<3-Cami from Serendipitious Life

dancing in sunshine. said...

There is an art teacher job in my area, and a sports person at a TV station.
Come to Ohio! Its pretty awesome....ok....not really....