Thursday, July 14, 2011

when words speaks

I realize I should probably be strong, not show my emotions, but I think that's exactly what's gotten me to this place.  So you know what, yeah...I am sad.  My heart is just lying around in pieces on the ground.   Just when you think you have a part of your life all figured out, everything changes.  But with time, I'll be fine.  I always am.


Holly said...

:( I hope everything is ok. I went through a long distance relationship for almost 4 years and it fell to pieces as well. I've survived and learned a lot, so if you need someone to talk to I am here, girl! Prayers and hugs coming your way!

Erin said...

Hey girl-whatever it is you are going through-I hope you are okay and I am thinking about you. You are correct though-you will be fine. Everything happens for a reason and it usually leads to much bigger and better. Stay strong =)