Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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Unfortunately this week it seems like I can think of thousands several things that I am NOT loving at the moment, but that's not the way this little shindig works... so I'm pushing past the negative nancy inside and focusing on what I AM loving on this scorching hot July Wednesday!

{I'm Loving} this song...

{I'm Loving} that I cooked dinner for the 'rents tonight!
*Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you are*
I made spinach and cheese stuffed shells and a squash casserole... and nobody died!

{I'm Loving} afternoon storms.  It's nice when the temperature falls from 105 to 80 in 30 minutes... I enjoy it and the puppies are totally fine with it too.

{I'm Loving} reality reality tv. Plain and simple. 

{I'm Loving} Hershey's Meltaway Kisses
Pretty sure these are laced with crack. I recommend you try them, unless you have a problem with addiction, then probably don't.

And as always {I'm Loving} and missing my boo!


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